Magazine to organise a 'Sorry Day'!

According to Fast Fude the Vacuum is going to organise a Sorry day some time in December “and will involve a special SORRY issue of The Vacuum, Sorry T-shirts, a Sorry cabaret and club night and a host of other Sorry events”. It’s in response to a demand for a public apology to Belfast City Council. To give you a taste, here’s that rascally aetheist Newton Emerson.

  • ulsterman

    Sorry for what?.

  • Cahal

    Great article by Newton. He rocks.

  • peteb

    That’s Newton off the Slugger Christmas card list then.

  • Mick Fealty

    Christmas card list? That’s a good idea! Is there a graphic designer in the house?

  • peteb

    Newton doesn’t want one though, Mick.

  • peteb


    I’d suggest you invite contributors to send a design, with a file size limit of say 100kb(?).. for sending out to the email identities of all contributors.

    Put a time limit of 2 weeks and off we go.

  • James

    “a public apology to Belfast City Council”
    “for any offence caused to Members of the Council and citizens of the City by previous publications”

    Ya mean Jesse Helms forsook North Carolina and retired in Belfast?