Parties seem nervous…

THE DUP and Sinn Fein seem a little twitchy about the proposals to restore devolution… Oh, and the deadline appears to be off again, if it was ever on.

  • peteb

    Don’t you wish they’d just decide what their official line actually is on the governments’ proposals?

    heartache (and stalemate) after all

  • ulsterman

    The bottom line is that the DUP do not trust SF.We saw the merry dance Gerry Adams led David Trimble.

    Either the IRA totally disband or there will be no SF in government.

    That is the bottom line. Gerry Adams can waffle all he wants but the DUP know they cannot go the way of the UUP.

    The Vatican,Dublin and Republicanism should know that we will never ever surrender.

    God Save The Queen.

  • An Bearnach

    Peter Robinson may shortly be in a position to checkmate the Shinners with the famous Buttiglione Ploy. If the entire Executive is to be voted in en bloc, that means a DUP-led unionist majority can vote down an Executive because they don’t like one (nationalist) minister. They do it in the councils: “We’ll back yous for deputy mayor if yous put up Uncle Tom O’Fenian.” So the DUP gets to nominate nationalist ministers by remore control. How on earth did these legendary Chucky negotiators let a veto like that get past them? Or what on earth did they get offered to swallow this DUP veto? Who would the DUP approve? Mitchell the Draft Dodger?

  • Ringo


    You mean if the IRA really disbands then the formation of a government including Sinn Fein could go ahead with your blessing? Even if they’re papists? And republicans? Governing part of her Majesty’s realm?

    What, no smiting? Or vengeance? Or grovelling? You’re losing your edge, man.

    May some interventionist Deity do something nice for some token figurehead of ours too.