It's about time

Belfast Telegraph reports that a house built without planning permission in a green belt has been destroyed.

Home razed as legal case won by planners

It has taken 5 years to achieve resolution. It is also disturbing that the planners had to justify the removal of this illegal building in order to have it removed. It’s illegality alone should have necessitated the removal. The article reports that the DoE is under increasing pressure to step up it’s enforcement activity, which is a good sign. However the department has rebuffed calls to criminalise those who refuse to obey the law. If we value our environment and heritage, it is time that unauthorised building and breaches of planning regulations were made criminal offences.

  • Davros

    Language school opposition ‘sectarian’

    Here’s hoping somebody can prove that Ballymena was built without planning permission….

  • Doreen

    I totally agree. Does anyone else think that senior officials in the Planning Service have long had “something going” with devlopers? To me it seems: “T’was ever so”.

    Now that we are having a long overdue inquiry into the activities into the four main banks here, how about one into the DOE’s Planning Service?