Comrade Taoiseach!

In the Irish Examiner, Fergus Finlay sketches the possible ( probable ? ) scenario that led to Bertie Ahern describing himself as a ‘socialist’.

  • Nathan

    Astonishing news to me!

  • George

    Fianna Fail,
    just when you think you know what makes them tick, they come out and surprise you again.

    I believe Bertie said many years ago that Fianna Fail was the Irish Labour Party so we shouldn’t be too surprised.

    And as FF generally have this canny knack of knowing what the Irish people are thinking before they do themselves, this must been we are all lurching to the left.

  • Davros

    If people like George cannot make sense of ROI politics, how can we poor unionists be expected to understand your parties, let alone do business with them ? 😉

  • James

    If Sinn Fein can claim to be True Socialists then why can’t The Soldiers Of Destiny join the laugh track?

    Only 1525 Bush days left.

    Party on.

  • aquifer

    Socialism, sure why not. A gang get in and make sure they stay in, distribute jobs and favours to loyal supporters, and loot the exchequer and else besides. And look at the colour of that historic backdrop, the revolutionary heroes, the semi-state industry, the wobbly airline. All those males in suits. And as a vibrant low tax EU base for multinationals, we can afford the illusion, unlike the poor sods now queuing to join the EU.

  • Michael Turley

    “the wobbly airline”

    I presume you mean Aer Lingus who have gone from making a loss of €140 million in 2001 to a reported profit of €69 million in 2003. This was achieved in the face of very strong competition and a hostile market place which saw the demise of Swissair and Sabena.

    Alas, the Aer Lingus turnaround was achieved not through policies a regained socialist outlook might encourage.

    The Taoiseach has a good track record on negotiating with unions and as such is in a better position to describe himself as a socialist than some in the Labour Party. Although, having said that, he could turn around tomorrow and describe himself as a capitalist and nobody would argue.

  • James

    Ever hear of the Tar Baby? This story has legs yet undiscovered.

    Behold, Turner’s version of Comrade Chairman Taoiseach
    (Tough luck to those without subscriptions)

    Git yer ‘ol time religion quick Sluggiewuggies, only 1521 more Bush days to go.