No deal without the DUP…

Suzanne Breen tells it like it is. Without Unionist sign up (specfically DUP sign-up) to a new deal, all talk of deadlines, and the consequences of missing them, is purely academic.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Curses, I was about to blog that.

    It’s a pretty accurate assessment, IMHO. Worth a read.

  • Mick Fealty

    It’s particularly interesting that the DUP’s pinning the blame on the Irish government and not Sinn Fein.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Well, they hardly want to make SF out to be demons just before they make a deal with them…

    Besides, SF is being reasonably flexible with the DUP. Perhaps we’re in for a long-overdue outbreak of common sense.

  • davidbrew

    not really Mick. The DUP isn’t negotiating with SF, while Dublin is as usual exerting pan nationalist pressure. There’s no point in depending on Dublin’s good intentions to persuade the Provos to do the decent thing. Dublin has to commit to leaning on the Provos when required, which requires a completely new outlook. Sounds like the same old nonsense from Iveagh House. Breen is spot on in her assessment of how that will play in nDUP circles.

  • peteb

    ‘SF is being reasonably flexible with the DUP’, Gonzo?

    Only becuase they’ll agree to anything as long as there are no photographs put in the public arena.

    The one thing they’re afraid of is losing control of that carefully crafted image.

  • Mick Fealty

    Useful perspective David. It still looks like the old deadline game is dead and buried.

    Neither of the two governments appear to have much to bargin with. A veto from either the DUP or Sinn Fein, simply means returning to drawing boards for a quick/slow redraft – the speed depending upon other internal factors.

  • jonny5

    Deadlines come and deadlines go! I love the sound of them especially as they go flying past. It’s always the way in NI politics.
    The IRA visible decommissioning is nothing. Arms are relatively easy to get a hold of [well within a terrorist group I’m sure] so this has no relevance.
    What it must do is put the IRA and other paramilitaries out of business. Anti terrorist propaganda is therefore a must IMPO!
    Whether it is pictures of commander McGuinness or lists of the innocent victims.
    I am not part of the sell out unit. IMPO unionists should not be dealing with anyone that has ever been involved in a terrorist attack at all!
    George W Bush would take the same line in American so why can’t unionists in NI?

  • Billy Pilgrim

    No deal without the DUP? Well duh.

    The thing I find interesting is that throughout the peace process the mantra has always been that there could be no deal without Sinn Fein. Now the necessity has switched. Now the DUP are the necessary evil in the equation. Quite a turnaround.

    The image of unionism it seems has sunk to new lows since the takeover of the mullahs. But of course Breen is correct in her analysis. The DUP’s insider is interesting in his dismissal of Ahern’s intervention, suggesting that the party would seal a peace here or not, depending on where the electoral advantage was. Ahern’s mistake is to make the rational and reasonable assumption that everyone inherently wants peace for its own sake – little understanding just how sanguine the Taliban/Combat 18 alliance he is dealing with are prepared to be.

    Though no doubt Suzanne would call that “canny northern realism”. (Interesting that she juxtaposes optimism with realism, rather than it’s actual autonym, pessimism. Perhaps to Suzanne, pessimism and realism are the same? Very Calvinist.)


    Would you not concede though that it’s a bit late for what you advocate? That this is a horse that has long since bolted?

  • The Renegade

    ‘SF is being reasonably flexible with the DUP’

    Pity they weren’t ‘reasonably flexible’ with the Irish people when they were blowing innocent civilians to bits.

    The only reason they’re being ‘reasonably flexible’ now is because they’re quite happy to sell-out to the DUP so long as they get a taste of power.

    Funny how your loyalties change when it suits…

  • The Renegade

    I digress, but I notice that the new SDLP Youth discussion forum is now open for business. Anyone interested in Irish, European or world politics is welcome to get involved and have a bit of craic. It has just launched, so throw in a few hot topics and get the ball rolling.

  • willowfield


    The DUP isn’t negotiating with SF


    What was Leeds Castle all about? And the Stormont follow-up? And all the to-ing and fro-ing since?

  • jonty

    \brewster said “The DUP isn’t negotiating with SF”

    ha ha ha … pull the other one. That may work with the backswoodsmen of the DUP but of course theyre negotiating with the IRA, albeit via the british and irish governments