Hassan feared killed…

IRAQ kidnap victim Margaret Hassan is feared dead. Hassan, an aid worker, had Irish roots and her family believe her captors have now carried out their threat to kill her. Sickening.

  • Colm

    It looks increasingly so.

    Unbelievable. How can her killers, however they may feel about the occupation remotely justify the murder of an effectively naturalised Iraqi woman who was purely devoted to her humanitarian work. How can they honestly seriously think to themselves “this will please Allah”

    So unbelievably sad. A terrible loss for her husband, her family , all those who knew and loved her and the countless Iraqis who benefitted from her work.

  • James

    We all empathize with her family, who would not?



    Terror is a publicity campaign. One designed to attract funding from True Believers and to blind your opponent with anger.

    It has worked wondrously for them so expect more of it.

    Please do not let anger blow out the light in your mind.

    You are going to need it.

  • Mario

    So James, you beleive terrorism’s goal is to anger their oponents more so they (their opponents) can commit more henious acts such as the ones currently being carried out in Falujah?
    If this is true, then the war in Iraq will soon descent into totally madness the likes we have not seen for a long time. If that is the case, the middle east will soon be entering a new phase of hell. Perhaps Prime Minister Blair should be thinking of an exit strategy.
    This was a kind and decent person, who had dedicated her life to helping suffering Iraquis. It makes absolutely no sense, and my condolonces to her family who must be experiencing unspeakable grief.

  • James

    “So James, you beleive terrorism’s goal is to anger their oponents “

    More specifically to reduce their reason through anger. It’s worked like a feckin’ charm so far.

    Al Fallujah started out as a round up of the perps who killed four mercenaries and hung a few from their heels from a bridge. It thus developed from a simple snatch & grab operation into one that destroyed that city in order to save it, if you will permit me one of the euphemisms left over from my war.

    “If this is true, then the war in Iraq will soon descent into totally madness “

    Not madness, Nihilism, Just like Chechnya, just like Somalia, just like Vietnam, just like El Salvador, just like NI. It’s all the same once you wake that tiger.

  • Mario

    Agree somewhat James. I agree on the comparisons to the hell that became Chechnya and Somalia, but it would appear to my outsider’s eyes that the war in NI was nowhere near the carnage of Iraq.

    I think Iraq has a bloody Sunday or a Shankill bombing every day. It seems the level of war there is much more brutal. As a Latin american, I am aware of the war in el Salvador and though bloody and brutal due to death squad activity, it did not have this level of chaos where cities where destroyed,and entire populations bombed into the stone age. The army in El Salvador conducted mass killings in the country side, but the cities for the most part were intact. I know little of the Vietnam war, but I think what is happening in Iraq Hill soon become complete anrchy and chaos.

    I think youre right and that the terrorists no longer care and will become more brutal, I think that this atrocity towards this noble and kinad woman hurts their cause, if there is a cause, but I think you are right, at this point they do not care nor do they have a cause, it appears Bush has only succeeded in making more terrorists, for surely even he does not think that he can kill all Iraquis. It is almost surreal when you hear conservatives say that Iraq is better off now. I fail to see how. Yes Sadam was a brutal dictatorship, but Iraq was not this mad. What r the numbers of civilian casualties? Falujah and parts of Bagdad look like post world war 2 Berlin.

    I think the british army should abandon this madness before it completely explodes.

  • maca

    Sickening is right. Not so much the execution (which to be honest is the best way to go in that situation) but what they did afterwards. Sick b**tards.
    Anyone seen the video yet?

    (sorry to lower the tone of the conversation even more)

  • Colm


    No I haven’t seen the video and have no wish to. What did they do after the shooting?

  • unionist_observer

    I suppose its the results of the recent US and British army action in Iraq.

    sad situation, time to get all the europeans out of Iraq, leave it up to the armies, its insanity to try and live out there at the min, no matter how much money you might be making or how much good you might be doing.

  • Mick Fealty

    Is Robert Fisk suggesting what I think he’s suggesting?:

    “In the background of these appalling pictures, there were none of the usual Islamic banners. There were none of the usual armed and hooded men. There were no Qur’anic recitations.

    “And when it percolated through to Fallujah and Ramadi that the mere act of kidnapping Hassan was close to heresy, the combined resistance groups of Fallujah – and the message genuinely came from them – demanded her release.

    “So, incredibly, did Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the al-Qaeda man whom the Americans falsely claimed was leading the Iraqi insurrection, but who has definitely been involved in the kidnappings and beheadings.

    “Other abducted women were freed when their captors recognised their innocence. But not Margaret Hassan, even though she spoke fluent Arabic and could explain her work to her captors in their own language.

    “If anyone doubted the murderous nature of the insurgents, what better way to prove their viciousness than to produce evidence of Margaret Hassan’s murder?

    “What more ruthless way could there be of demonstrating to the world that the US and Interim Prime Minister Iyad Alawi’s tinpot army were fighting “evil” in Fallujah and the other Iraqi cities?”

  • Davros

    Dear God, it looks like it Mick 🙁

  • Mario

    It seems that he is suggesting that al Zarqawi and al queda are minor players in the iraqui insurrection against the occupation, and that they are merely interested in a murder campaign. This point of view does not get a lot of play in hte media. they seem to be interested in creating absolute chaos. This atrocious murder demands justice.

    may god one day punish the genocide brought by george bush and al Zarqawi.

  • Davros

    From USA Today – An editorial by Ralph Peters that is worth reading.

    Nothing Islamic about human sacrifice

    The terrorists we face aren’t super-Muslims. They’re Islam’s worst enemies. They don’t seek to turn back the calendar to the 10th century. They’re reaching back to the sordid epochs when gods drank human blood.

  • James


    “It seems that he is suggesting that al Zarqawi and al queda are minor players in the iraqui insurrection against the occupation, and that they are merely interested in a murder campaign.”

    No, what he is hinting at is far worse. Think Phoenix Program.

  • Davros

    Phoenix Program ?

  • James

    Phoenix Program

    It was a program of black ops, assassination torture and terror conducted by CIA and DOD spooks against the NLF during our involvement in Vietnam. In the aftermath of the war, instead of being tried, convicted and executed, the incountry mastermind was awarded the Directorship of the CIA during the Nixon (last part) and Ford administrations and his exec that did the wet work went on to orchestrate the debacle at Mogadishu and currently serves us as one of the government’s experts on terror. Sooner or later all that OJT will pay off.

    Only 1524 Bush days left.

  • Davros

    Thanks James.

  • unionist_observer

    The Times today reported that a body of a western woman has been found in Iraq, they are going to do some DNA tests to see if it is Margaret Hassan but they say they are 80% sure that it is.

    They have described the body as having the bottom of the legs hacked off and half the head missing due to the ferocity of the shot.

    Horrible, horrible stuff.

  • Mario

    Thank you James.
    I take it his skills helped him greatly in Chile in 73 and here in Argentina in 76-83.

    The Arab world should be condeming this killing as much as they condem Bush’s genocidal war in Iraq.

    By all accounts this was a dedicated and decent woman who had dedicated her life for those Iraquis who are suffering from this madness.

  • James

    “I take it his skills helped him greatly in Chile in 73 and here in Argentina in 76-83.”

    Lest we forget turning “the moral equivalent of George Washington” loose on Nicaragua, a wee cuddle with pizza-face in Panama or fun and games in Guatemala, for that matter.

    In a better world Fisk would be paranoid.

    I hope the DNA test is negative.

  • maca

    Sa Belfast Telegraph inniu:
    “A mutilated body discovered in Fallujah a fortnight ago was not Margaret Hassan, the Irish-born aid worker who was believed murdered earlier this month.”

    Still, she’s surely dead and although the body is but an empty shell i’m sure her family would like to get it back to bring closure to the whole sad affair.