UDA statement

The expected UDA announcement happened yesterday, shortly after a Loyalist commemoration service. It will be very interesting to see if this is the beginning of some fancy footwork and confidence building measures as a prelude to a deal between the DUP and Sinn Fein. Can we expect something from the IRA fairly soon? It certainly seems that the election of the First and Deputy First Ministers is to be seperated to save the DUP from having to vote for a Sinn Fein Deputy First Minister.

  • Alan2

    I was just wondering was this the service that was abandoned by the UDA last year after Unionist uproar about the UDA trying to hijack Remembrance Sunday?

  • Butterknife

    My sources have informed me that you can expect the deal between SF and the DUP to be done in or roundabout Feb. 2005. This date was also mooted by Campbell DUP MLA, MP some months ago – By coincidence?

  • Henry94


    The Valentine’s Day Agreement?

  • North Antrim Realist

    BBC News 14th Nov

    ‘The UDA’s involvement in feuding, racketeering and other paramilitary activity meant that the government did not recognise its cessation.’

    Are they also stopping their gansterism? – it didn’t come across in the clips I saw,they only seemed to mention violence.

  • Butterknife

    I have no more information on the subject but I can see it being labelled the ‘Valentine’s Day Massacre’ by some; BTW, i never thought of that Henry – this cold must be taking its toll.

  • davidbrew

    My (rather better I suspect BK) source, tells me that £3m of taxpayers’ money will be diverted to suitably deserving causes in the aftermath of this cynical attempt to stave off the Assets Recovery Agency

  • Butterknife

    If you say so David.