The big US apology fight!!!

Or how to grow readers and raise money – it’s simple! It’s between and

  • James

    I’ve been trying to get to the site off and on for a week. There may have been some rights/legal issues involved but I finally got a redirect to this little piece of Americanna.

    Results of site audit:

    15 pictures of people
    2 pictures of rodents (where is Freud when we need him most?)
    1 cat

    The rest are like the morphs of Kerry, Bush and bin Laden that I get from Swift Boat Liars supporters.

    Biggest disappointment:
    They pulled the picture of the wannabe in the US Cavalry hat that was carried on the BBC page.

    Biggest Giggle:
    Picture of the Gomer in his huntin’ cap squattin’ on the floor in front of the TV with his dawg. (Page 1, 4th from the top)

    Biggest Question:
    OK so this is your mind on drugs but where is the rest of ZZ Top?

    Only 1521 Bush days left.

  • James

    We live in a zoo. Problem is, most of the yokels get confused about which side of the bars they are on.

    The site is still growing. I have been monitoring it just to see what’s under all those rocks in Iowa. To be sure, it lacks the panache of the site but you can’t expect too much from Flyover America, can you? There are some notable exceptions, prime specimens of dauntless americanus, which I just have to bring to your attention since YOU are the object of their ire.

    The Taxi Driver

    Taxi Driver Meets Conehead

    A 2nd Amendment Surrender Monkey

    Praise the Lord, Jethro, only 1518 Bush days left. But these knuckleheads will still be living with Mom.

  • James

    Sorry guys, you cannot bring up the links without a 403 error.

    Punch up the site, go to images and look on pages 11, 23 and 26.