Is Racism Contagious ?

The Irish News reports another racist attack from within the nationalist community. After an attack in Belfast (Violet Street) and Lurgan (Lord Lurgan Park) a gang of men, reportedly armed, broke into a house in Ballyoran Park area of Portadown occupied by a number of Polish people. One Polish man was taken to hospital with facial injuries.

Polish man hit in face by racists

A Polish man has been treated in hospital for a facial injury following a racist attack in a nationalist part of Portadown.

  • ulsterman

    This issue has surely been addressed.

    There is other more important news.

    Get a grip.

    God Save The Queen.

  • Davros

    Hmmmm – looks suspiciously like ‘ulsterman’ IS a republican plant 😉

  • Concerned Loyalist

    I agree Davros. He was “bucket-mouthing” on the “UDA blamed for intimidation” thread, coming out with a childish attack on the S.D.L.P.’s Danny O’Connor and his weight, and mindless sectarian slurs against the “Papish” Church as he referred to it. He is most probably a republican, hell-bent on endeavouring to portray Loyalists as sectarian, non-educated delinquents, as he is scared of the truth – that the emergence of the eloquent, well-read and politically motivated, U.P.R.G, gives a voice and platform for loyalism. One of the things that they will make clear is that race-hate attacks are happening on republican’s doorstep too, not just exclusively in loyalist communities!

  • Panda

    you like conspiracy theories Davros,
    Ulsterman = ASOSF
    Whaddya think?!

  • Davros

    I don’t think ASOSF would have enough local knowledge Panda 🙂

  • Weapons Of Crass Instruction

    “The emergence of the eloquent, well-read and politically motivated, U.P.R.G”

    Ach Jesus Christ c’mon CL. Tommy Kirkham and possibly Frankie Gallagher granted but Sammy Duddy and Frank McCoubrey.Are ye serious er what?.