Can they be serious?

The Sunday Telegraph carries a story by Alan Murray and Melissa Kite,IRA can keep guns under British deal, claim Unionists , in which it is claimed proposals were put to the UDA and UPRG during discussions with NIO officials last month.


The IRA will be allowed to keep 15 per cent of its weapons for “self-defence” under secret plans to tempt republicans back into a power-sharing government in Northern Ireland, Unionists said yesterday.
The deal was revealed to them by British officials during a private briefing at Stormont last month, they claimed.
Under the terms, the IRA would be allowed to keep handguns and small submachine guns suitable for close combat and deterring assasinations – despite the Government’s Ulster peace plan which stipulates that paramilitaries must decommission all weapons.

Needless to say this has caused some upset.


Michael McGimpsey, the senior Ulster Unionist Party negotiator and the assembly member for south Belfast, said that the retention of even a small number of guns was “disgraceful”.
“It turns law and order and moral imperatives totally on its head,” he said. “Nobody believes for a second that if they were allowed to keep weapons for self-defence they would be there for anything other than to threaten their own community and to ensure discipline in their organisation.
“If they need protection, they are going to have to be protected in the same way as the rest of us – by the police. There is no place for any illegal weapons. It would be an absolute disgrace and something that will be completely and utterly rejected by anyone with any sense at all.”

  • Moderate Unionist

    They cannot be serious. This is a leak to the media to soften us up for something else.

  • David Vance

    Only 15%????? Listen, Government is openly colluding with the UDA, UVF and IRA and will do literally anything to get devolution restored – anything but one thing – and that would require them confronting rather than appeasing terrorists. NOW that’s unthinkable!

  • Henry94

    If they need protection, they are going to have to be protected in the same way as the rest of us – by the police.

    That’s a bit unrealistic

    There is no place for any illegal weapons.

    But they will be legal if they are approved by the government. If the government are going to allow the weapons they should issue permits for them. that would keep everthing above board.

    A special “suitable for close combat and deterring assasinations” license could be introduced.

  • Davros

    Would you be happy with Johnny Adair being allowed to have access to weaponry Henry ?

  • Henry94


    Are you talking about the guns British agent Brian Nelson brought him from South Africa? I think he should return them to the British who after all paid for them.

  • Davros

    Whatever Henry. Wherever they came from,I’m not interested in point-scoring – would you be comfortable with Johnny Adair being legally armed ?
    I wouldn’t – and he’s “supposedly” on MY side. This seems to be a strange variation of the theory of M.A.D.

  • maca

    It’s a crock of shit. No such organisations can be allowed to keep any weapons of any sort.

  • Davros

    Amen to that Maca 🙂

  • North Antrim Realist

    Patten’s local policing in action………..the terrorist wing of the PSNI.

  • Henry94


    When the Suday Telegraph decides to feed unionist paranoia it’s more fun to join in than to take it seriously.

  • maca

    Not taking it too serious Henry. Although nothing would really surprise me 😉