Taxing issues for Irish Morality

Pat Brosnan has written an interesting article in the Irish Examiner today in which he looks at the financial implications of recognizing Gay Marriages .

“IT’S remarkable that when there’s a threat that the State might have to spend money on something other than a minister’s extravagance – like somebody’s rights – there are colossal implications for the exchequer.”

Of course these colossal ‘implications’ (estimate circa € 2 Billion ) are taken far more seriously than the far larger ‘implications’ of the tax breaks ( €8 Billion plus ) discussed for those who don’t actually need to count their pennies , and Mr Brosnan highlights the Justice Minister’s laboured scare tactics aimed at Married couples presently enjoying a “ very, very generous tax regime” that would have to be reduced if and when ….

He writes of Ms Zappone and Ms Gilligan :

“Well, I wish them the best in their endeavours to get equality on tax, but they will need a lot of love to sustain the challenge. Their case is not just about the fairness or otherwise of the tax regime here, but also questions the traditional notion of marriage in the country.

Already, there are rosary beads rattling all over Ireland as heaven is assailed to save this institution, and the Knights of St Columbanus and Opus Dei are assembling for battle.”

  • queens_unionist

    Well any opposition to gay marriage civil partnership etc is good opposition IMPO.
    monetary or religious

  • Davros

    Why QU? With a tag like yours I ould have thought there was a fair chance you would approve 😉

  • maca

    Civil partnerships – all for em
    Church marraige – up to the church I reckon

    There’s a good and bad side to this. Maybe they’ll pay less tax as a married couple but what if one is unemployed, would they then lose certain benefits which they would be entitled to as singles?