Burnside: non-runner plays catch-up and falls down…

ALMOST a year after another South Antrim MLA suggested a voluntary coalition to overcome the political impasse, David Burnside follows the lead – although he seems to favour a kind of glorified regional administrative super council, rather than a proper parliament to run things. No-one, in particular nationalists but including many unionists, would accept a regional government here with most powers still being held by Westminster. The Tele has already written his idea off.

Equally, the DUP would be mad to unite with the UUP at a time when they are ripe for self-destruction. Even Burnside’s article is a clear attempt to undermine his own leadership again.

The question is – would Mr Burnside, an experienced master of the policy shift, be so pleased with his ‘new’ idea if any voluntary coalition did not include his own party? I doubt it. His entire article seems to have one aim – to exclude Sinn Fein from office.

Anyway, the Review of the Agreement moved on from this ballpark months ago, although the idea of a voluntary coalition is unlikely to die completely.

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