Ar bhain Kerry in Ohio?

Agus Concubhar Ó Liatháin ag leamh Greg Pallast (i mBearla) le deanaí, nuair a maigheann sé gur “De réir na fianaise ó Ohio, an stat a ghéill Kerry do Bush, Dé Céadaoin seo caite agus a chinntigh an dara seal sa Teach Bhán d’iar-ghobharnóir Texas, is cosúil go bhfuil i bhfad níos mó vótaí sa stát nár cuireadh san áireamh ná mar a bhí á thabhairt le fios an tseachtain seo caite”.

  • nuzhound

    Mick, but this guy’s gotta get a grip or he’s going to end up going off the deep end.

    He uses incendiary language to call us to arms with little by way of facts. Ohio was won by Bush by a 136,000 majority. He says that in the last election 1.96% of the votes were uncounted due to “spoilage” caused. If we take that percentage of this year’s vote, that would mean 107,444 spoiled votes. If we assume that Kerry would have won 75% of those, that makes 80,583 votes – way short of the 136,483 that was Bush’s margin.

    We can then use previous Ohio experience to show that even if we accept his dubious 250,000 provisional ballots would yield less than 50,000 valid votes. If Kerry won 75% of those (almost certainly not the case) he would have an additional 37,500 votes Add the two figures and you get less than 120,000 votes.

    Best case scenario – Kerry loses by 16,000 votes.

    After he finishes his ill-informed rant about Ohio, he goes on to New Mexico. But, what he seems to have forgotten is that Bush DID NOT NEED New Mexico’s votes to put him over 270 electoral votes.

    Someone needs to get that man a calculator and a period of rest.

  • nuzhound

    Mick, the beginning of my comment was cut off. Basically, I was saying I can’t read what you’ve written or Concubhar Ó Liatháin’s article, but this guy Pallast’s gotta get a grip or he’s going to end up going off the deep end.

  • Emily

    Greg Pallast is being dishonest. “Spoiled” votes aren’t thrown away for no reason. They are tossed out because, either by accident or stupidity, an individual has cast multiple votes for the same race or proposition. As for the counties under scrutiny in Ohio, voting records indicate these counties have traditionally gone overwhelmingly to Republicans in the past. Even if there was fraud on the part of the Bushies, it might help cancel out Kerry-won counties like Cuyahoga, where more 93,000 more votes were cast than there are actual registered voters.