A Tangled Web's found a new home…

Slugger’s at the top of David Vance’s online reading list! From what we hear David’s own readership is growing on a daily basis. If you haven’t visited the new, more spacious A Tangled Web do it now. But be prepared to be provoked on a range of issues both in and beyond Northern Ireland.

  • Colm

    David doesn’t mean to provoke people. He is simply fulfilling his mission to lead the ignorant (i.e. liberals) along the RIGHT path, with the help of his lovely assistant Andrew.

  • maca

    … note the “Friends of Israel” button.

  • Super Freak

    I notice he calls fox news fair and balanced. I quite like DV but I think Anne Coulter is better looking.

  • Colm

    He calls FOX NEWS fair and balanced for the moment. It probably won’t be too long before FOX fails to keep up with David’s ‘balance’ and it too will be consigned to the liberal swampland festering with the Beeb, ITN, Channel 4 , SKY CBS, NBC, ……etc etc

  • Millie

    David Vance – Ruling Class Warrior!

  • David Vance

    Super Freak,

    I agree – Ann is much better looking!


    If Fox showed the bias of CBS then ninny liberals MIGHT have something to complain about.


    Is being a “Friend of Israel” a thought crime? MMMM…maybe I should add an “Enemy of Arafat” icon?

  • maca

    Just thought it was worth pointing out.

  • Young Irelander

    A Tangled Web has good presentation and David has a good journalistic style even though I don’t always agree with his views.
    It has found its way onto my top ten list for sites I visit,although it looks unlikely it will make it to number one.Then again I am awfully keen on the ladies….

  • D’Oracle

    Ah yes-the Tangled web. Too predictably narrow.