Learning to live with the enemy…

Roy Garland talks about the difficulties he and other Unionists have faced in brokering dialogue with the ‘other side’. He hope Jeffrey Donaldson’s early experiences with the UUP will stand him in good stead with his new(ish) party, the DUP

  • Butterknife

    A good article.

  • alex s

    As someone who was close to the action in Lagan Valley the problem in terms of an at times bad atmosphere didn’t lie with Jeffrey,initially at least, no the problem lay with his supporters, luckily they left with him.

  • Ziznivy

    Some timely thoughts regarding the issue of faith and politics, very apposite given the events in the US. We suffer very much from the same conflicts. Hopefully the departure of people like Donaldson will aid Trimble in expounding a secular unionist viewpoint which more clearly seperates its politics from religious belief.

  • davidbrew

    I think you’ll find the problem lay with political pigmies like Jim Dillon who spent years expecting to succeed Jim Molyneaux, and then couldn’t control their jealousy when they were supplanted by someone under 80 years of age.Willow always tells us you should subrogate your views to those of the majority. Didn’t happen in LV UU Association though. Jeffrey’s constituency officers were often called to speak against him at party meetings.

  • Butterknife

    I would have thought, with what happened in the ‘US of A’ and Bush’s winning ideology of Neo-Conservatism, that this has given credibility to Donaldson’s credentials as the crusader of unionist morality and righteousness.

  • Butterknife

    And David, Dillon may not have liked Donaldson but by God the feeling was more that reciprocated.

  • ulsterman

    Jeffrey Donalson was a big fish in the UUP. He will learn that in the DUP he is a nobody. We used him to get the moderate Protestant vote. He is too much a loose cannon to ever become important. In the DUP we have many talented people around Donaldsons age. We have no time for turn coats.

    God Save The Queen.

  • yer_man

    I notice that the profile thing beside your name is ‘oreiley1’. Not a very ‘ulster’ name surely. 😉

  • Butterknife

    Really maybe i am just a cynic but i always presumed Ulsterman was either (a) taking the preverbal or (b) a SF or like member trying to cause mischief. Either way it is nice that intelligent people like queens_unionist quotes him. No doubt he is well chuffed!

    I see from the Belfast Telegraph that the executive of the DUP will tell the grass roots of the party how to think and act. Very democratic!

    You’re right about one thing Ulsterman, Donaldson is probably collecting ‘private’ notes for the second edition of his book.

    I posted this on the wrong thread no matter …

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  • James

    “I notice that the profile thing beside your name is ‘oreiley1’. Not a very ‘ulster’ name surely. ;-)”

    We were burning, pillaging, raping and murdering along the Irish coast, having a feckin’ great time as raunchy cutthroats from Skye when the O’Reilly’s hired us to break Cassidy, Maguire or O’Neill heads (and protect the royal family when they bugged out) for tax free lands in Ulster. Think of us as a thirteenth century Intel.

    Very Irish indeed.

  • alex s

    davidbrew, I agree that relations between Donaldson and Dillon were bad but the fault didn’t only lie with Dillon, as for not following the views of the majority, surely this remark is directed at Jeffrey, while you were a frequent visitor to many of the branchs you didn’t visit them all so you can be forgiven for mistakenly assuming that those who spoke the loudest also spoke for the majority

  • jonty

    David brewster – “political pigmies” – kettle,pot, black

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  • davidbrew

    but at least I have an identity, not like you. eh jonty?