DUP to debate any planned deal…

NOEL McAdam reports that the DUP executive will meet next week to approve any deal that may emerge to restore devolution. McAdam points out that the “80-strong body can ratify a deal without a wider party meeting – unlike the regular UUP Council meetings of recent years – and could be summoned within 48 hours”.

Jeffrey Donaldson said: “It would be wrong to go into great detail because negotiations are at such a sensitive stage but at the moment we don’t have sufficient progress.”

Wonder what Jeffrey thinks of the DUP organisational structure – if he disagrees with the way forward, will he find it as easy to find enough support to call DUP executive meetings as he did Ulster Unionist Council meetings?

And are the electoral benefits of a more centralised party structure not obvious by now to the more loosely-knit – if not completely disunited – Ulster Unionist Party/ies?

  • ulsterman

    Jeffrey Donaldson is an irrelevance in the DUP. With his self opinionated ego the DUP are very wary of him. He has no talent. If he thinks he is going anywhere in the DUP he has another thing coming.

    The DUP is full of talent. It will be interesting to see who will get the four DUP Ministries in the new government. If I was Jeffrey I would not hold my breath.

    God Save The Queen.

  • alex s

    in a struggle between the Robinson and Taliban could Jeffrey and his UUP refugees hold the balance of power, its possible.

  • alex s

    please insert wing after taliban

  • Will

    I very much doubt if ulsterman is representative of the DUP – after all, if he is so untrusted by the DUP then why has he been a central part of the negotiating team?

    Nice to see your usual level of insight ulsterman – at least we all can breath a sigh of relief at the fact you probably arnt even a unionist.

  • Butterknife

    Maybe Ulsterman is really Peter Roninson … makes sense;)

  • Butterknife


  • queens_unionist

    Jeffry Robinson is an irrelevance, after the DUP went out of there way and asked him twice [as far as i know] to join the party!

  • North Antrim Realist

    Hmmm……if a meeting has been called to approve a deal that must mean that there is one or there is some certainty there will be one, as it would only take 48 hours to call a meeting if a deal was not yet in place………..

    The UUP structures are a complete shambles but the people who could change them don’t want to as it would remove their personal glory and perceived self importance…..just like turkeys voting for Christmas

  • Peter Brown

    Jeffry Robinson


  • jonty

    I see paisley today siad unionists would not accept joint authority. I wonder if the DUPhiles on this board would tell us how they would oppose it
    Maybe they could have an ULSTER SAYS NO campaign, or promise to SMASH THE DUBLIN GOVERNMENT,

    the next thing we`ll hear is that ulster is on the brink of civil war and for police officers not to come running to paisley when their homes are attacked.

  • Rebecca Black

    “Jeffry Robinson”

    freudian slip perhaps?!?!?

  • Butterknife

    Jeffrey Robinson, Mmmmmm, a match made in heavon. Well after all he is after his own little fiefdom in Lisburn lto match his political lover.