Falluja is Iraq's 'Operation Motorman'

The BBC’s Paul Reynolds on the parallel between the current offensive in Iraq, and the British Army’s Operation Motorman back in July 1972, which ended the so-called no go areas mainly in Belfast and Derry.

  • Davros

    Cough, Cough. Big difference. Old men, women and children weren’t told to leave the no-go areas as the RAF were about to unload tons of bombs on the areas.

  • The Devil

    Correct Davros,

    and you may also have noticed that the Iraqi Freedom Fighters are also prepared to stand and fight, which didn’t happen in the No-Go (well you can go, if ya really really want to) areas

    I think the time is fast approaching when we in the west may have to struggle with our moral code of ethics governing white people and start taking White American tourists to Belfast as hostage in support of the bravest people on the planet the Falluja Freedom Fighters

    Sub’ha’n Satan ( The Devil is great )

  • D’Oracle

    Rubbish ;wait til election time in the new year and Falluja will again be a no go territory.

    Yanks -forget it -walk away now -wont work

  • aquifer

    Motorman was too late. The IRA had already established domination of catholic areas and suppressed internal dissent in those areas. Areas that are still recovering in terms of damage to childrens’ education and missed job opportunities.