Irish News today – front page has a picture of a badly injured child.
Another fireworks victim. Surely it’s time to completely ban these explosives ? The present licensing
system doesn’t work.
Every year there are children maimed. They are abused by anti-social elements and disturbing for many people and pets.
Several contributors are associated with political parties. I would ask them to raise this issue at their party meetings.

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    agree entirely, indeed it was noticeable that during the inter face trouble large rockets were used as weapons of attack (by both sides).
    At a social level outside of highly organised and controlled civic celebrations there is no need for these devices.
    From Sept onwards people are disturbed in their homes by malignant idiots (young and not so young) letting off fireworks at all times of the night and day.
    The crescendo around Halloween is particular frightening for older people. There is no doubt that anti social elements see fireworks as another string to their bow in which to terrorise their local community.

    While not knowing the full details of a lot of cases I have noticed instances of parents standing watching young children setting off fireworks. Given that appealing to the judgement of some people is a wasted effort fireworks should be banned.

  • Davros

    Pat- I would go even further and say that we should be moving on from even using fireworks for official civic celebrations.