Were you paying attention?

Now that it’s all over, as long as someone’s still sitting on the lawyers, the Guardian has an on-line quiz on memorable, or not, moments of the 2004 US Presidential campaign.

Favourite question –

26. Who or what did John Kerry shoot to boost his appeal to rural conservatives?

A) Rats
B) Geese
C) City folk
D) Michael Moore

It seems I may have blocked some memories to preserve my sanity –

You scored 34 out of a possible 40
You are candidate: Ronald Reagan in 1984 Politically astute and you made as clean a sweep as anyone ever has.

  • Emily

    The quiz asked which state was the first to hold a nominating vote, with Iowa as the answer. I’m not sure if they’re talking about the primaries here, but if they are, they’re incorrect. New Hampshire’s state constitution actually requires that they hold the first primary.

  • peteb

    That question did throw me, Emily.. I had thought the answer was New Hampshire. It’s billed as a “Primary season” question.. perhaps they mean a preliminary selection(?) for the primaries.. or they may have just put in a wrong answer to stop a clean sweep..

    BTW.. your score?

  • Emily

    36 – it would have been 37, but I couldn’t resist answering D on question number 26.

  • peteb

    I was severely tempted too.

    But it looks like Iowa is the right answer.. although a bit of a trick..

    According to this Iowa had a little trick up their sleeve.. district caucus selections prior to the New Hampshire primaries. Just fits into the definition of a state holding a nominating vote – but sneaky.