Sour Taste

The Belfast Telegraph reports that after a split in DUP ranks Ballymena Council have agreed to accept legal advice and give a £400 grant to Clooney Gaels GAA club.

Could mention of the possibility of councillors facing a Surcharge have been a factor ?

  • peteb

    Worth highlighting what the legal advice was –

    “Town Clerk Mervyn Rankin said the legal advice was similar to what he had advised of earlier in the year, when the row broke, which was that the council should pay the money to Clooney Gaels and that any change to their grants policy should be considered later if they so wished.”

  • Davros

    I wonder how much the legal advice cost compared to the £400 ?

  • peteb

    That’s a fair point Davros.. but I’m more interested in the fact that it was the same advice as they got “earlier in the year“.

  • Davros

    The other thing Pete – will they change council policy, which reading between the lines will allow them to block grants to the GAA in future ?

  • peteb

    It’s that “if they so wished” part that’s bugging you, isn’t it?

    The DUP would probably find it very difficult to frame a policy to fit their objective that wasn’t in itself discriminatory.

  • aquifer

    Not at all. A ban on all youth sports activities would apply to all and could be very politically productive for the DUP. With all those overactive and undersupervised youths engaging in sectarian bating on the streets, both the DUP and Sinn Fein will harvest the vote, irrespective of the impact on young lives. Did you see those miserable portacabin changing boxes beside the football pitches in Lisburn?

    The organisers of Sinn Fein youth, with their enthusiasm for the street ‘activism’ of the Basque separatist youth movements, must await the DUP’s next move with anticipation.

  • Davros

    Couple of points Pete …

    Why would “if they so wished” bug me ?

    secondly- surely it wasn’t quite the same advice as they got earlier in the year, as the advice they got from the Town Clerk wouldn’t count as “Legal advice” ?