NIO to clamp down on bad parking…

MESSAGE to John Spellar MP: We can live with water charges, you can get rid of the 11-Plus, you can close all the railways – but for God’s sake do NOT privatise traffic wardens!

Clamping is not something the car happy people of Norn Iron will take lying down, as they have in other parts of the UK, and this is obviously part of the great conspiracy by Labour to annoy/rip us off/irritate us back into devolution again, I can just tell…

Although traffic wardens are attached to the police here, they were never really a target throughout the ‘Troubles’. Why start now(although they would be privately run, and so could more easily attract cross-community hatred)?! Or is this merely another cunning cost-cutting measure to compensate for the lack of resources provided to the PSNI?

So I guess my message to John Spellar is: “As drivers, we all detest traffic wardens, but we hate clampers more. We will fight them in the parking bays. We will fight them on the single yellow lines. We will even fight them when we are parked less than 15 feet from a street corner and possibly obscuring the view of right-turning traffic.

“And if all else fails, I suppose we will grudgingly pay the damn £90 to get home on that inevitable rainy night when we first get clamped by some over-zealous jobsworth on a power trip.”

This is going to be as big as revenue-raising speed cameras.

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