Adams paving way for IRA move…?

GERRY Adams MP is off to America, no doubt to prepare Irish American opinion for whatever the IRA is about to do – probably further acts of decommissioning and finally going away, you know. He will perhaps have a more difficult job without the help of Joe Cahill this time. Meanwhile, Jim Allister MEP has set out the DUP’s bottom line.

PA quotes Allister as saying: “The essentials for stable institutions are the following: “Executive office only for those demonstrably and irreversibly detached from armed paramilitary organisations and criminal activity.

“An effective mechanism to exclude any who subsequently breach the practice of exclusively peaceful and democratic means.

“The Assembly as the elected forum must have the capacity to call executive members to account, both in the exercise of executive functions and cross-border responsibilities.

“There can be no wild cat ministerial action which defies the wish of the elected Assembly.”

Read past the bluster and rhetoric, and you’ll see some room for manoeuvre there. However, the new 20-day deadline for reaching agreement was a bit of a laugh. So what if the Queen’s speech is at the end of this month – if her Loyal Subjects in the DUP wish to delay things until next May, she will just have to bloody wait, eh?

  • ulsterman

    I am sure Irish America if there is such a thing could really careless what a murdering terrorist thug like Adams has to say.

    Interesting that he should go the day the US results were declared. Was he hoping to meet Kerry?, hehe.

    Sadly for him Kerry was stuffed in the election.

    God Save The Queen.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Yes, Irish America has no interest in Northern Ireland, obviously.

  • The Devil

    “he will perhaps have a more difficult job without he help of Joe Cahill this time”

    well hold on till get some super glue to stick my ass back on cos it shook of with the laughter,

    Adams only used Cahill for the Muppet he was, telling him what a wonderful example he was to follow, what a true republican he was, what a great man of his community, blah blah blah bollox.

    just as all crafty people praise all gullible clowns whos help they need, and when they don’t need ’em they screw ’em, fortunately for Cahill he was spared the blushes of being screwed by Adams and got screwed by Father time instead.

    As for the remnants of the Provos well they are more interested in getting their noses into the money trough further than the man or woman next to them.

    The S/F leadership have made sure to pacify leading republican families with what by local standards are well paid community jobs, but cleverly enough the family member normally has no direct IRA background just incase at a future date the leadership needs to remove them.

    The amount of Provos on DLA for life is staggering by any standards, and even more so when one compares it to the unfortunate people in nationalist areas who are in need of it, are entitled to it, but yet are denied it, in order to keep a lid on the percentage DLA claims in particular areas.

    Tax exemption certificates, the copy ciggerettes (more profit than smuggled real ones, okay okay no one knows what’s in them but they look ok, taste like shit but think of the profit, besides if gives the nationalists who did not serve time in the Provos’s their chance to die for Ireland) then there’s the property scams, the great Mackro devide, the drink hiests, the intrest free loans (that don’t even have to be repaid if your a really good boy) and gauranteed mortages, now who in their right mind or for that matter in a wrong mind is going to piss all that away.

    Hell the writing was on the wall when one of the finance officers took himself off to the grand cayman to build a casino worth millions (apparantly DLA didn’t impress him)

    Adams worried about the “wolves” not a chance he has them worrying the “sheep” and eating the chickens but they’re guarding the “Goose” that lays the Golden eggs, he has a vision where everyone is MLA or DLA but no IRA

  • Glensman

    Same Sinn Fein bashing as always then? Irish America provides substantial sums of finance every year which proves that the must care!

    As well as this Joe Cahill was never ‘Used’ the man always served the cause in a dignified manner right up to the end and would never have been ‘betrayed’ by the Sinn Fein leadership…
    Also what have cigarettes got to do with Gerry Adams MP travelling to America, you people are as always just looking for another reason to go off on a predictable rant about ‘Sinn Fein/IRA’! GROW UP

  • The Devil

    My father always told me that if your going to the glens and your looking for a fool

    “you had better bring one with you”

    glensman you have proved him wrong

    your obviously more bah bah than woof woof

  • ulsterman

    Who the hell is joe cahill?