DUP – We don’t need no power-sharing

The DUP has given an answer to the SDLP’s question on their commitment to power-sharing – and by extension the chance of agreement between all the parties before the 25th November deadline set by the Governments.A few paragraphs worth noting in the Belfast Telegraph –

..the DUP last night succeeded in pushing through an amendment [to an SDLP motion] which said majority rule was best for the area and that “power-sharing is not the best form of government as it provides less effective, weaker and demonstrably less durable administrations”.

SDLP councillor Declan O’Loan had tabled his power-sharing motion at Ballymena’s monthly council meeting saying they were putting the DUP “to the test” – after claiming Mr Paisley’s party told the British and Irish governments they are committed to power-sharing.

The DUP council members voted down the SDLP proposals and also an Ulster Unionist amendment which asked for the posts of mayor and deputy mayor to be divided proportionally, although not by D’Hondt, among parties.

Instead, the DUP succeeded in passing a motion with the SDLP and Ulster Unionists either voting against or abstaining, which said that the DUP, in the review of the Good Friday Agreement, has never claimed to support enforced power-sharing.

So, despite the hype perpetuated by some political parties, both governments and the media throughout the entire summer, there seems to be no prospect of any movement by the political parties by that 25th November deadline. Which is a not very subtle way of passing the (political) buck.. again.

Now… about those ‘options’ you mentioned, Bertie.

Update – Sheesh, Bertie, make up your mind – 26 November target for NI assembly: Ahern