'Stakeknife' author 'Martin Ingram' is in the hot seat…

FORMER Force Research Unit officer ‘Martin Ingram’ has agreed to take questions from Slugger readers. Ingram needs no introduction to regulars here. He was co-author of ‘Stakeknife’, the whistleblowing account of British agents in the IRA and their nefarious activities. He now lives in the Republic of Ireland with his wife. Despite once being in an undercover British army intelligence unit that ran agents and informers inside the IRA, Ingram has expressed sympathy with the nationalist aim of a united Ireland.

Readers are welcome to ask Ingram questions here, and we’ll see how things progress. I would appreciate it if people remember to play the ball and not the man, otherwise the thread could quickly degenerate and no-one will get anything out of it. If readers believe that a moderator’s intervention is necessary at any point, please email me – reclaim98@hotmail.com – or the boss, Mick Fealty, at mick@mickfealty.com

As I said, this is something new for Slugger. Injunctions have been placed on Ingram speaking in the past, so we’ll see how things go. Ingram will forward his answers to me, and I will post them, so don’t expect immediate answers.

  • Pat Mc Larnon


    The link to ask question doesn’t appear to be working. It’s going to the UTV site.

  • peteb


    I think Gonzo may have meant that the questions should be posted here and then he will post the replies when he receives them.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Yes, when I said ‘Here’ I meant in the comments…

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    Thanks guys

  • The Devil

    Would it not make more sense to post the questions on the S/F website?

    After all you might as well get it straight from the horses ass.. sorry i meant mouth

  • Alice

    I would like to ask Ingram why, after leaving the FRU did he get involved in publicity. I mean first the book, then statements to Stevens, articles in the Andersonstown News, the Blanket, and papers such as the Guardian. The bulletin boards, and his failed attempt on the Morrison site. Surely it would have been better to leave the FRU and get on with his life, from his own personal and family perspective.

    Also, why did he in his article in the Andersonstown news write something like, ‘I was in an army that fought a war on your land and I apologise,’ and then go on other sites, and say that he supported 99% of FRU operations, and support Kevin Fulton in his quest for a monetary settlement? I mean aren’t these positions contradictory?

    Finally, what is the reaction to him from former and present members of the British Army?

  • Alice

    Sorry, but I forgot to ask, does MI use the Republican Bulletin Board for people to contact him. Is that the reason for using that particular board. Does anybody who wants to contact him, even former FRU – contact him thru the PM centre there.

    It seems logical, anyone who wants him, anyone at all, just click on his name and leave a message at the PM centre, all nice and secure.

    Very good, Martin, very innovative!!

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    I would like to ask him about how the FRU handled their agents. I was under the impression that in order to prevent a ‘domino effect’ whereby the capture of one agent by the IRA would lead to the unmasking of others, FRU agents would have been kept isolated from others.
    According to FRU agent Peter Keeley not only was he an agent for various agencies but he was also aware of other agents that operated along side him.
    This begs the question, either the FRU and other agencies were not as professional as they claimed to be and the internal practices of those groups were very lax. Or the claims of people like Keeley are exaggerated or indeed outright lies. What is his experience?

  • Davros

    So many standards 🙂

    The people who are keen to believe Sean O’Callaghan and all those who “betray” the RM say that “traitors” from within Loyalism or the Security Forces cannot be believed as they are renegades –
    and at the same time those keen to believe people like Martin Ingrams and Loyalist “supergrasses” say that people like Sean O’Callaghan and Paddy Ward ….

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    it’s a game, lets play along for a while see how it develops.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    ‘Martin’ writes:

    Dear Pat,

    This question does interest many who attempt to make sense of the North’s Intelligence picture.

    In an ideal world Agents do/should not become aware of the identity of fellow Agents. That said, you are dealing with in the main some very devious and clever individuals who recognise particular traits or habits in others which they themselves display.

    In the instance of Mr Fulton, he was approached by a fellow member of the IRA and RUC Agent who informed Fulton that to attend the third meeting with Stakeknife was to end in tears and a six foot grave.

    That Agent, who is still working himself, recognised Fulton as being a fellow Agent. Fulton did not know or recognise him as an Agent. Since that date they have continued to keep in touch and the ongoing Agent is disgusted at Fulton’s treatment by the authorities.

    I have to say, generally Agents do not become aware of others but in reality it does happen. Fulton was not being run by the FRU when he discovered other Agents; that is not to say it could not happen under the stewardship of the FRU, but it is less likely due to the more professional approach adopted by career Intelligencers .

    You also have to take into account the possibility that Fulton is being fed information by others to place information in the public domain which otherwise would not be possible.

    There are many who are concerned, both in and out of the Intelligence world, that the Intelligence community is not responsive to public concerns and feel the only option open is to place information into the public domain because in their opinion it is in the public’s interest.

    To conclude, is Fulton in possession of information which could/would identify other Agents, Yes.


    I will get round to Alice later.

  • ShayPaul


    you go to great lengths to protect yourself.

    Who do you fear ?

    Who do you fear most ?

    Do you believe your life is in danger ?

    Does your attitude protect or endanger you ?

  • Belfast Gonzo

    ‘Martin’ responds to ShayPaul:

    Dear Paul,

    I have to disagree with you to a point.

    I don’t fear anyone, but I am well aware of other interested parties ie both Governments, Paramilitaries (all) who see me and others as a real threat.

    To counter that threat they are prepared to endanger my life and those close to me. The British Govt during legal exchanges produced a sworn Affidavit containing Intelligence material which details the threat posed by individuals and organisations who are prepared to abduct, interrogate and kill serving and ex-FRU members.

    I don’t honestly know if my life is under threat, but it would be folly to not take some precautions.

    My attitude, I believe, has no bearing upon my status. I have retired from public/TV work/books/inquiries etc, so the threat has to a degree receded.

    I believe the primary threat emanates from Republicans who are keen that the dark side of their campaign does not see daylight, at least not for some time. The delay in setting up inquiries etc, displays the sensitive timing which is in place at the moment. I repeat I will not be involved in those inquiries but I wish them well, but I fear the terms of reference will be restricted to a point where the information gained will be of limited value.

    I am a Nationalist (NOT REPUBLICAN), I believe in a United Ireland, to some that seems truly difficult to believe, but if you knew me, as a large proportion of the press do, then you would understand my firm belief that Ireland belongs to the IRISH, although NOT at any price and certainly not if it takes murder to achieve.

    Hope this helps Paul.

  • Davros


  • Pat Mc Larnon

    no offence but your answer was as I expected, a load of old crap.
    Think of what you just said,
    “That said, you are dealing with in the main some very devious and clever individuals who recognise particular traits or habits in others which they themselves display.”
    I would have assumed that to be a member of the IRA being devious was a prerequisite. Are you alleging that there is a scale of deviousness that FRU agents can judge? Sorry doesn’t ring true.
    You are stating that a FRU agent put himself in danger of being shot because he recognised a person had devious traits? However if he had been wrong in his hunch he would have found himself in a bin liner in S Armagh.
    Gotta go, the fairies at the bottom of the garden are calling me.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    ‘Martin’ writes:


    The Agent was RUC, not FRU. If you read my post I made that clear.

    You asked me and I told you. It is a fact other or fellow Agents can see traits or behaviour patterns others don’t. If you don’t or can’t accept that, than I am sorry you will no doubt put your own slant on things and that is your own perogative.

  • Davros
  • Belfast Gonzo

    Martin writes:

    I am sorry to dissapoint but Crptome have this one wrong.


    (Gonzo notes: ‘Fulton’ was named a considerable length of time ago by Henry McDonald in the Observer. Information on Cryptome is not always accurate.)

  • Davros

    Gonzo – to Paraphrase Mandy Rice-Davies – He would say that, wouldn’t he 😉

  • Nathan

    And the Phoenix mag published the ‘real’ name of Ingram.

    I really do pity such a satirical rag.

  • Mick Fealty

    And Alice’s question?