'Stakeknife' author 'Martin Ingram' is in the hot seat…

FORMER Force Research Unit officer ‘Martin Ingram’ has agreed to take questions from Slugger readers. Ingram needs no introduction to regulars here. He was co-author of ‘Stakeknife’, the whistleblowing account of British agents in the IRA and their nefarious activities. He now lives in the Republic of Ireland with his wife. Despite once being in an undercover British army intelligence unit that ran agents and informers inside the IRA, Ingram has expressed sympathy with the nationalist aim of a united Ireland.

Readers are welcome to ask Ingram questions here, and we’ll see how things progress. I would appreciate it if people remember to play the ball and not the man, otherwise the thread could quickly degenerate and no-one will get anything out of it. If readers believe that a moderator’s intervention is necessary at any point, please email me – reclaim98@hotmail.com – or the boss, Mick Fealty, at mick@mickfealty.com

As I said, this is something new for Slugger. Injunctions have been placed on Ingram speaking in the past, so we’ll see how things go. Ingram will forward his answers to me, and I will post them, so don’t expect immediate answers.

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