Most depressed people ever…

HENRY McDonald and Liam Clarke take a look at the growing trauma industry in post-conflict in Northern Ireland. Henry wonders if the psyhciatrist’s couch has replaced the stiff upper lip, but seems to agree with Liam that what many victims need is simply to know the truth about what happened, in order to deal with it.

But then shrinks are cheaper than legal inquiries and lawyers, so lie down and tell me, in single words, only the good thngs that come into your head about your mother.

  • The Devil

    The people are fully entitled to feel depressed.

    Your throwing a party and your invite list comprises the following people,

    Michael (the undertaker) McGimpsey

    Mitchel (do I really look like Adolf) McLoughlin

    David (you couldn’t cut me with knife) Trimble

    Bairbre (the only colour is in my coat) De Brun

    Dermot (i’ll have a frontal labotomy) Nesbitt

    John (i’d rather have a bottle in front of me) Hume

    Gerry (shut to fuck up Ingram) Adams


    General De Chastelain is doing the catering

    The Andersonstown news are doing the travel arrangements

    The D.U.P are bringing the drink

    The entertainment is Frank Carson

    And the babysitting is being done by the local priest


  • Belfast Gonzo

    God, the detail is in the Devil tonight…

    (As opposed to, ach, you know…)