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The Sunday Business Post reports on the Sunday Business Post – not, perhaps, the most impartial of sources. A very measured news piece to begin with is accompanied by Vincent Browne wading into troubled waters.

Vincent Browne’s article seems almost a response to this critical Indymedia article from last week which pointedly highlighted “mainstream media organisations pleading for greater transparency in public affairs”.

There’s also an update from the writer in the comments section which mentions “speculation on the Vincent Browne Tonight proramme last night that Harding was forced to pull an article on the tax affairs of businessman Denis O’Brien.”

Whether Vincent Browne, as a journalist, actually believes..

“But once it was established on the balance of probabilities[my emphasis] that the committee that awarded the phone licence to O’Brien’s company acted properly and independently, then what is the point of further investigation into the O’Brien/Michael Lowry relationship?”

..or that..

“How could it matter whether O’Brien gave Lowry Euro 100 million, since Lowry had no hand, act or part in the awarding of the licence?” a question only he can answer.

But it’s also worth mentioning that no-one at the Sunday Business Post appears to have attempted to ask the former Sunday Business Post editor, Ted Harding, for a quote.

  • Davros

    Pete – the first two links take one to the same story.

  • peteb


    Link fixed. Thanks Davros.

  • Davros

    That’s too complicated a story for this simple country boy!
    PS- what’s a curly Hyphen ?

  • George

    ~ is a curly hyphen. ALT 126 in ASCII character code

  • Davros

    Ah! Thanks George 🙂

  • peteb


    The implictaion appears to be that Ted Harding resigned because an article he wrote was pulled or vetoed.

    Vincent Browne seems to suggest that it was pulled for legal reasons.. but that shouldn’t have led to a resignation.

  • Davros

    Mind-blowing amounts of Money in Media Pete – loads about de Valera and his good fortune in that field over the past few days – makes our MP expenses look like small change.

    One thought – Will Piers Morgan send in his CV ?