Why not to believe the polls…

A theme familar to all of those who followed our election coverage here last year on Slugger. Jay Cost as a good run down of the degree of openness and/or bias in each of the big US polls currently tickling the interest in the US Presidential elections to take place next Tuesday. He reckons Gallup is the gold standard!

  • James

    Who is John Gault?

    For that matter, who the hell is Jay Cost? The only info on him I’ve got is that he’s a University of Chicago Poly Sci grad student that don’t know Jack about polling but pulled The Horserace Blog out of the forehead of Zeus just before the election. Hmmm………

    I would not care much if it were not for the deeply ingrained prejudice I have about bloggers that they would not know a Jacobian if it took a bite out of their ass the size of a dumpster.

    If this is only about distributions, sampling and weighting then lay it out, run the numbers and let the math literati decide.

    The Slugger reference to the article on Cost’s blog is based on a DJ Drummond who, God bless Google, I otherwise wouldn’t know him from from rancid owl spit. Now I know that he is another midwesterner (Texas) that regularly posts, as does Cost, on conservative US bogs (Note Drummond’s closing and you might have a clue where the lad is going.)

    I’d go to Drudge before I went to these guys and I’d set my hair on fire before I went to Drudge.

    Moreover, aren’t all these surveys, including Gallup (“truly the gold standard in presidential polling”, tee hee), the very random telephone polls which the Washington Post and Jimmy Breslin consigned to the loo because of caller ID, cell phones and all that other cool telecommunications technology that we have been pumping out of this valley for thirty years?

    Christ guys, I know we did the Moon shot on slide rule accuracy but really!!

    Why not to believe the polls, indeed. The only one the Kid believes is the one the Mercury News will publish next Wednesday morning.