Swiss (Bank) Family Robinson…?

PETER Robinson is in quite a tizzy about this story appearing in today’s Belfast Telegraph. Mr Robinson is very proud of his efforts on behalf of Castlereagh ratepayers, but I wonder what the taxpayers think about both he and his wife claiming almost

  • North Antrim Realist

    It must be all the UUP’s fault everything else is!

    Robinson Politics Ltd is a very profitable enterprise, can we the public who fund it buy shares in this fast growing dynamic company? or is it solely restricted to family members?

    Those who stick their tonuges in the honeycomb shouldn’t complain when the bees appear to complain.

  • barnshee


    Robinson Adams et al snouts firmly in the trough
    Shut down the lot and spend the money on the water system

  • Peter Brown

    Ah yes so successful others are trying to join them…..

  • Occasional Commenter

    I’m inclined to defend him, but I don’t see why “fifth rate politicians” have any less right to query his expenses than anyone else. How many rates of politicians are there?

    He should explain his expenses calmly.

  • ulsterman

    Look the fact is that all politics is corrupt and costs money. Someone has to represent us. If it wasnt Peter it would be someone else. I am sure if you looked at taxpayers and those catholics on DHSS benefit you would find massive fraud.

    If the moneys there why not take it. They are elected to do a job.Get on with it. Bemoaning expense claims. So what. Most big companies have expense accounts equal to a great deal more than what Peter claims.

    What about a drug taking footballer on 60000 pounds per week.

    Get a grip.

    God Save The Queen.

  • North Antrim Realist

    Peter Brown

    Ah yes so successful others are trying to join them…
    you for example?

  • Moderate Unionist

    The first post I have seen from you asking for some understanding. Almost trying to explain a position. Maybe positions are softening on a whole range of issues?

  • Butterknife

    I saw him on ‘form’ in his fiefdom of Castlereagh. The man
    has no charisma whatsoever.
    I liked his use of the words fifth rate
    and jealousy to describe his critics. We are used to
    calling the DUP 4th rate politicians so maybe this is just recognition of this

  • Moderate Unionist

    The concept of dual mandates, expenses and family involvement should be fully explored. It smacks of nepotism, in fact, I think it is nepotism and whilst there is no suggestion of any illegality it doesn’t seem right (and therefore undermines confidence in the political system).

  • Millie

    ‘I am sure if you looked at taxpayers and those catholics on DHSS benefit you would find massive fraud.’

    Meaning Catholics are the only dole fiddlers in NI? Or that Protestants are all law abiding, upstanding citizens of virtue?

  • ulsterman

    Look the people vote for these dual mandates. The SDLP MPS were all members of the last assembly.

    If people dont like them dont vote them in.

    God Save The Queen.

  • Moderate Unionist

    If only life were so simple. Many people vote for the party rather than the person. If the parties keep putting forward the same candidate what choice do they have.

    I do think however, that the expenses issue has been more damaging to the political classes than currently acknowledged.

  • maca

    Anyone believe they are getting value for money from these shower?

  • Davros

    Keeps them off the streets Maca 😉

    Mind you , it’s interesting that we complain at the ridiculously high cost of keeping Prisoners in Jail when it costs roughly twice as much to keep these MPs out !

  • Rebecca Black

    As well as all the money the mrs claims from Westminster? That couple are a joke.

  • Oul Nick Mr Satan to you

  • Rebecca Black

    I hear that Iris has come out and said that the expenses were justified by the high level of service she provides to her constituents (the advice centre in newtownards that never appears to be open) and travelling to Westminster (bear in mind she contributed to four debates in Westminsteri in the last year – that some travel bill – is she hiring a helicopter or something??)

  • ulsterman

    When one considers the money some people spend on expense accounts what MPS spend is very minimal. As I have business expense accounts are hugh. If one considers the corruption of the Pope, the Bishops and Priests. Look at the wealth of the Vatican. A Papist work colleague of my mum went to Lourdes and she was telling her that all the Papist Bishops ride around in chauffeur driven cars.

    Would the Fenians stop bashing the DUP? Expense accounts are not unusual. 20000 is a small amount to pay to protect our Protestant faith and our Ulster Nation.

    God Save The Queen.

  • Moderate Unionist

    You clearly have no concept of business, or the purpose of business expenses.

    Business expenses are reimbursement for expenditure incurred by the recipient in the process of carrying out their duties for their employer.

    They are not a reward, they are not a bonus, they are not a perk, they should be cash neutral. You get back only what you pay out and only if the expenditure was legitimate in the first place.

    Finally, your use of emotive language undermines your case, demonstrates your lack of intellectual rigour and is offensive to many people myself included.

  • Rebecca Black

    First of all ulsterman, I am not a fenian.

    Secondly, so by your reasoning does Mr Paisley not do an adequate job “protecting our protestant faith” given that he spends a fraction of what Iris spends?

  • ulsterman

    Rebecca there was no comments directed at you.

    Secondly Peter Robinson is a good loyal Ulsterman. The fact that he and his wife claim expenses is irrelevant.

    As with all public money there is corruption. Look at the fraud with taxpayers for example.

    The Pope and the Catholic religion are among the most corrupt in the world. The opulence of the Vatican has to be seen to be believed.This when there is much poverty in the world.

    Bishop Casey was always flying first class to America, why?.

    The paedophilia in the priest hood has been covered up and hugh amounts of money paid out in compensation. This money is all public money given by Papist congregations.

    The other night I watched the film about the Masgdalane Sisters. I dont know how any catholic could remain a catholic after watching that. The nuns were nothing but evil psychotic bitches with not an ounce of compassion in them.

    Those in Ulster who defend us from the evil society that Rome would create for us deserve all the rewards they get.

    Not one inch.

    No surrender ever.

    God Save The Queen.

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    I have to say that the expenes claimed do not seem to be that much.

  • jonty

    Do the robinsons have 1 or 2 london flats/houses

    If 2 then why do they not share the same one?
    Is there trouble in the robinson marriage?

  • Rebecca Black


    I have watched the magdalene sisters and whilst I agree it is horrific, I think in fairness all religions have their fair share of horror stories – the problem isn’t any one religion but extremist people and corruption.

    Furthermore the Roman Catholic church doesn’t have a monopoly on paodophilia, what about that guy in the Ulster Scots agency?

    You see things very black and white ulsterman.

  • Davros

    Rebecca, are you talking about the Man arrested in USA in the Police Sting ? Stan Mallon ?
    He’s originally a Falls Road Man. A Roman Catholic.
    But You are right to say that Paedophilia isn’t limited to the RC Church.

  • George

    I suggest you read about the Waterhouse Tribunal in the UK if you want proof that child abuse isn’t restricted to religious orders. It was set up to look into decades of abuse in children’s homes in north Wales and involved allegations of 700 cases of abuse.

  • barnshee

    George, George -again avoiding the issue –of course there is paedophilia elsewhere -but nowhere else was it condoned and covered up by a “religious order”, nowhere was the level of hypocrisy so evident and embedded. It is the involvement of the church in the cover up that is the real issue.

  • Davros

    Not convinced barnshee. I remember reading that One Anglican Church – was it Canada or Australia? – was mired in the same sort of mess and there have been problems for the Mormons over similar allegations.

    Sex and all things to do with sexual activity is seen as problematic for the Catholic Church, especially in Ireland which was a stronghold of Jansenism, although they seem to be trying to find a way out of it –

    It’s now a sin not to do it as Vatican revises view on sex and sensuality

  • Butterknife

    Lets get back to the subject in hand shall we! The Robinson mafia racket. I think its about time the PSNI raided their bank accounts.

  • North Antrim Realist

    The basic point is that everyone who lives in the UK is contributing to the Robinson’s lifestyle; so they are responsible to each and everyone of us for what they are doing with our money.

    And as a UK tax payer pigs and trough comes to mind in this instance.

    If this lot ever get into power in NI we will all be the sorrier for it.

  • jonty

    So why are the robinsons both claiming for london accomodation.

    have they come clean about this yet?
    Why cant a husband and wife share the same london flat/house?

    if they are why are they both claiming for it???

  • PS

    Well in parts of London they do refer to the female spouse as the ‘trouble and strife’!

  • North Antrim Realist

    Haven’t noticed many of the DUP faithful on this thread, such as DB or CS.

    I wonder why………………

  • Rebecca Black

    “Rebecca, are you talking about the Man arrested in USA in the Police Sting ? Stan Mallon ? “

    I’m not sure, all that ulster scots stuff bores me stupid and as a consequence I don’t know much about the people involved with it. I was refering to the guy arrested in the USA for the kiddie porn.

    I just assumed he was prod if he was so involved with the ulster scots – just goes to show my innate sectarianism!

  • Davros

    I’m not aware of any U-Sc people arrested in USA for Kiddie Porn – Mallon was arrested in Chicago – he had arranged to “meet” what he thought was a 15 year old girl in a Hotel room. It was a police operation aimed at those who groom and abuse underage kids via the internet. Made a lot of headlines.

  • Butterknife

    I wonder which way Mrs Robinson voted in giving MPs a rise in their expenses. *sarcastic smile*

  • jonty

    Thought id ressurect this just fo rthe heck of it as none of the DUPes were willing or able to answer the central questions:

    Do Peter and Iris share the same london accomodation?
    If not , why not?
    If they do , is this the same that peter had before iris became an MP?
    If so why does her expenses now become invaluable to pay for it?