Loathing, mostly loathing

A real treat for Belfast Telegraph readers (and all of us), Hunter S Thompson sets out his view of this year’s US election campaign.. and calls it for Kerry. As he says “I look at elections with the cool and dispassionate gaze of a professional gambler, especially when I’m betting real money on the outcome”. There are just too many great lines to quote. Every political commentator should read it.. read it and weep.

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    Excellent article on how to slice and dice a political opponent with the right ingredients. Couldn’t imagine a commentator here (from any side) being able to carry it off with such aplomb.

  • David Vance

    Kerry is the man.

    He’s got the axis-of-weasel backing him, he’s got the Wiccans behind him, and he’s got addled out of their brain druggies such as poor old Hunter behind him. What a guy – no wonder I detect a strong Slugger approval for him 🙂

    For a much more discerning view of the outcome of the US election – check out today’s “The Village” magazine.

  • DCB

    You’ve got to give him credit, his style is far more palatable than the smug self-rightous Micheal Moore.


  • Fraggle

    “Four more years of George Bush will be like four more years of syphilis,”


  • Oul Nick Mr Satan to you

    See Pete Baker’s no fool he knows a good article when someone reads one to him

  • Belfast Gonzo


    Hmmm… How did Thompson find out?

    I will be contacting Raul Duke about this forthwith.

  • davidbrew

    terrible thing, what drugs do to the brain-not only do you talk crap but apparently write it as well. Peteb’s ironic (surely) intro sets the tone well

  • James

    My, my, my, our boy has certainly made a name for himself. It seems only yesterday that Thompson, Kesey, Ginzberg and Sonny Barger were tripping in Kesey’s dayglo redwoods in La Honda, just up the road a piece from here. The old boy can still stoke up the cerebellum though but it would be kinder of you lads to talk him into viewing the Bush years as just another acid flashback. I know I’d prefer it that way.

    Now for those of you who wish a kinder, gentler gutting of Bush, take a canoe ride along Lake Woebegone with Garrison Keillor. If you’re feeling artsy, try E. L. Doctorow as well, someone who took a few ranging rounds from the Bushies who cashed in their tax cuts and blew 120 large getting wee Buffy through school.

  • Gerry O’Sullivan

    David Vance

    For a much more discerning view of the outcome of the US election – check out today’s “The Village” magazine.

    I was wondering why you made this comment, and then I turned to page 34…

  • David Vance


    Yip – into the lion’s den! What did you reckon to it?

  • Gerry O’Sullivan


    As a regular reader of A Tangled Web, I was delighted to see your contribution to a mainstream publication here in the Republic. However, as usual, I disagreed with nearly everything you said!

  • Davros
  • James

    “I find myself talking almost with nostalgia about Nixon,”

    No shit, Sherlock.

    Tell me this is all just a flashid ashback.

  • Davros

    Sighs- another embarrassment for Quakers !