Policing and politics….

Eric Waugh argues that Northern Ireland is already over resourced compared to other places in terms of police ratio to the population: “In the Republic there are just over 300 police per 100,000 population. Scotland has fewer than 300, England and Wales only 240, France about 360. We have nearly 550. So what is wrong?” What’s wrong, he claims, is the continuing politicking around the subject.

  • smcgiff

    Mention of police numbers in the ROI remind me of the story that when JFK came to Ireland in the 60’s his security asked for 10,000 police to be dedicated to his visit.

    Hah, the entire country didn’t have 10,000 police.

    Ah, well, at least nothing happened to him on our watch!

  • smcgiff

    Just read the article – the scene where the cops turn up and decide to be about their business elsewhere reminds me of the Terry Pratchett’s book, Guards! Guards!, especially the alley where even decent criminals would not go after dark.

  • David Vance

    As I wrote before, “Waugh – what is he good for?”
    I’m still waiting on an answer. A nonsense argument.

  • aquifer

    What is wrong is sectarian politics, condemnation of the bad behaviour of the other side, and toleration of the same inhumane behaviour by your own. So we are left with bad behaviour as a norm, supported by legal aid. Why be surprised if ne’er do wells, hoodlums, and the impressionable young join in just for the hell of it.

    Taking out political agro on what is left of a police force just shows a lack of imagination.