Rebel Westminster MP George Galloway has raised the issue of
Irish Neutrality in respect of the War in Iraq and called on Irish people to take to the streets and voice their concerns.

He said:

  • maca

    Maybe they should send Mr Galloway to Iraq …

  • smcgiff

    I heard the (a) interview where he made those comments. It was along the lines that the Irish were kidding themselves by appealing to the Iraqis that they were a neutral country because of said troop movements. He emphasised very much that the Iraqis where aware of these troop movements.

    BTW, before anyone mentions the allegations of his financial business with Saddam’s regime it best be noted that he further claims to have made a small fortune from the media that made those claims.

  • Oul Nick Mr Satan to you

    if gallowway is sincere about stopping the war and tony blair, he should wrap up his repect party

    in some close seats in the up coming westminster elections his respect party could take 3,000 to 5,000 votes away from Liberal anti-war candidates enough to return the goverment (labour) candidate safely to westminster

  • Cahal

    He may be annoying but he’s right. It is hypocritical. We are being bullied into this situation by the US.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Galloway’s not my favourite MP by any stretch, but I suppose if Donald Rumsfeld can meet with Saddam HUssein, Galloway can too.