'For all of Red Sox Nation, past and present'

Red Sox Nation is celebrating today, tomorrow and probably for some time to come. After a historic fightback from 3-0 down against the NY Yankees in the American League Championship Series, the Boston Red Sox last night beat St Louis Cardinals, the National League Champions, to win baseball’s World Series for the first time since 1918.. a ‘curse’ had been mentioned.

  • Oul Nick Mr Satan to you

    So what
    when they change the name to Yankee O’Toole i just might give a toss about rounders

    and the only ruth i ever met was no babe

  • Cahal

    having recently become interested in Baseball, I was very impressed by the red sox. That dude who looks like Jesus really rocks. However the celebrations after were PISS POOR.
    Fox had cameras in bars in Boston (and Iraq for some reason). When it flashed to the punters after the famous victory, they didn’t look that impressed at all. It didn’t compare to the bot on a cold saturday afternoon watching united v the pool…..ahhhhhhh

  • Michael Shilliday

    A poor series of Baseball. Saint Louis were shockingly bad. To lose home runs at the top of the first, in TWO games running was just awful.

    That said, they were two good hits by Damon and Manny, but the amount of errors was too high throughout.

  • smcgiff

    ‘and the only ruth i ever met was no babe’

    Why, was she a pig? :o)

  • irishman

    michael’s right about the series. In any case,as a Cubs fan, this was only a poxy drought compared to the one we are still enduring. Roll on 2005!!!

  • davidbrew

    more bad news for David Trimble as yet another contender for world’s biggest loser exits the stage :-}