Praise for Slugger on A.T.W.

David Vance, with his customary generosity of spirit, over at A Tangled Web has blogged a compliment given to Slugger O’Toole in a lengthy article on blogging in Tuesdays’ Irish Independent.

If David hadn’t pointed it out, one of his many fans would doubtless have stressed that it would have been terribly inappropriate for A.T.W. to have been singled out for the praise it deserves alongside of Slugger as David and Andrew run a very British Blog. I’m sure if A.T.W. had been labelled an

  • StrayToaster

    Grrr, stupid registration sites.

    If anyone is wanted to read that without registering themselves, I recommend BugMeNot

  • maca

    Just do what I do, rely on Davros to mail the article to you ;-))
    Actually I succumbed recently and registered. My browser remembers the login details anyway but BugMeNot is a good alternative.

    … the Yorkshire Krakatoa! Hah, gas!

  • Davros

    As always, tomorrow will be fun when he sees what Brian has written in today’s Irish News!

  • peteb

    Thanks to the superior detective abilities of Irish Eagle (also recommended in the article)

    Here is the Blog of Lost Hope that Ed Power talks about setting up in the Irish Independent.

  • David Vance

    “…with his customary generosity of spirit” – are you trying to say something Ambrose?

  • Davros

    Are you not used to compliments David ? 😉

  • David Vance

    Not of the backhanded type – are you

  • Davros

    I wouldn’t know a back-handed compliment if it jumped up and bit me on the Adams/Paisley (delete as appropriate) mate 😉 As Maca said , we Northerners are thick-skinned and uncouth!