Derry and the Glorious Revolution

Whatever kind of teacher he is, Marc Mullholland has a remarkable eye for a decent quote or ten. This one from Whiggish historian Thomas Macaulay gives the Seige of Derry pride of place in the heroic story of the Glorious (Protestant) Revolution. Then head back to the home page, and just keep scrolling.

  • Davros

    Dagnabbit Mick, that’s making it even harder to work on a very boring essay. But I’ll link the site and articles, and credit Slugger, for those abroad who want more background detail about NI.

  • Davros

    Talking History, this is from an excellent site with all sorts of books to read online, including a History of Friends School Lisburn and this illustrated gem

    Betsy Gray or Hearts of Down

    A reprint of the original book By W. G. LYTTLE
    with Other Stories and Pictures of ’98 as collected by and published in The “Mourne Observer”

    There’s even a link to an article on the Ulster Beekeeping scene at the home site !

  • davidbrew

    now Mick as all of us Drumcree veterans know it’s spelled “S-I-E-G-E”-still now we know who supplied the dodgy medals