Bradley stands by his comments

While the row over Denis Bradley’s comments rumbles on, with both SF and the DUP attempting to score political points, neither party appears to have seen the Irish Times report yesterday in which Denis Bradley did expand on his comments.

It may have been because the Irish Times report was headlined as, Blair ‘optimistic’ on agreement (I’m paraphrasing) but there are direct quotes from Denis Bradley that are pertinent to the policing issue.

Speaking to The Irish Times last night, Mr Bradley said: “To continue under direct rule with no consequences is a dangerous analysis. The people for whom it is most dangerous and burdensome and the people who have taken the most strain in recent years are mainly Catholics and nationalists from the Border areas and for Catholics who have joined the police.”

He said because of verbal attacks by Sinn F

  • Robert Keogh

    Last week I was thinking about the current power vacuum in the north and when I read about the dissident republican graffiti on the protestant church. In the absence of the GFA operating those opposed to it have the potential to destabalise the situation and drag the north back into the troubles.

    Mr. Bradley is correct in his analysis. If RIRA/CIRA kill a policeman the UDA/UVF/ETC will respond by killing one or more catholics, and they might even be a republican of some stripe. We all know the spiral of events would then ensue.

    The critical response to his comments has been ridiculous, attack the messenger. To say that he is inciting people to kill policemen is illogical – one would have to assume that until Bradley made his statements it had never occurred to RIRA/CIRA to kill PSNI. I can just see them sitting around the breakfast table reading the local paper “Ah Bejasus Mick, sure why didn’t we think of that? Sure let’s grab a gun and whack us some peelers!”

    Until the impasse is resolved the danger Bradley highlighted is very real. In my opinion the unionist response is designed to avoid discussing the merits of the situation. Does anyone have an insight into why?