Say goodbye to the circus

In the Blanket, John O’Farrell has a thoughtful report on the “gathering of trots, anarchists, trade unionists, pacifists, ecologists, nationalists and interest groups” at this year’s European Social Forum in London.

A few paragraphs worth highlighting –

“Adams kept his audience happy by talking in the common language of

  • Alan

    Also see this from the New Statesman attacking the involvement of the SWP in the organising of the event.

  • Nathan

    How far has this mushrooming of concern influenced real power, as displayed in governments, at the EU or in global institutions like the WTO?

    Maybe next time they’ll get the urge to construct the gates to a beautiful social paradise by issuing a final communique.

  • aquifer

    Revolutionary Elitism gets so samey after a time. Dupes wandering into arrangements when they are told they can change everything (except their leaders). The intolerance of any middle ground. The festish of opposition at all costs. The tiny absolutist sects. The supression of open dialogue and the toleration of the fanatically intolerant for tactical advantage. All those windy words and tanky tokenism. Half trained young minds learning to lose the old way. Tony and Gordon can sleep safe.

  • D’Oracle

    Amazing that the 20,000 altruists present were so perfectly duped by the speakers. Makes you wonder if John O’Farrell is as incisive as he’d have us punters believe

  • Belfast Gonzo

    From today’s Irish News:

    Carlin resigns from SWP

    By Maeve Connolly

    ANTI-RACISM campaigner Davy Carlin has resigned from the Belfast Socialist Worker