John Robert Parker Ravenscoft 1939-2004

John Robert Parker Ravenscoft, better known as the legendary radio broadcaster John Peel, has died while on a working holiday in Peru. Many individuals and bands owe their careers to his dedicated and individualistic approach to supporting new and emerging talent throughout his 40 years in radio. He will be greatly missed.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    As a teenager I once wrote to Peel. He was good enough to write back…

    A real loss to the airwaves. Despite his bumbling style, he was the best DJ the BBC ever had.

  • Butterknife

    One of the few respected DJs that had authority. RIP.

  • Alan

    A bitter blow!

    One of the few Radio One DJ’s that you felt were on your side in the middle of the ’70’s. A light through the smoke and the bullets.

    His treasure trove of a tape collection should be archived to record the musical aspirations of a generation.

  • John McIlveen

    RIP John

    ‘Teenage Kick’ yerself all the way up to them big pearly ‘rock and roll’ gates in the sky!!


  • George

    A hero to all. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind me saying this is one peeler everyone on these islands is going to miss.

  • Weapons Of Crass Instruction

    A man who never lost his personal credibility and in the fickle, caustic environment that is the

  • Nathan

    John’s style was always deadpan, his dry humour could often be mistaken as self-berating but in reality the respect he received was huge. Irreplaceable

  • Davros

    That’s a shock. RIP John.

  • Mick Fealty

    A gifted broadcaster, and one of the true originals. Just got the news from Slugger. I’m stunned.

  • Robert Keogh

    Just a taste of the sessions he brought us.


  • Keith M

    I nearly cried today when I heard the news. I remember being a teenager in Limerick in the late 1970’s listening to Peel through the whirs and whistles of the medium wave. Hwas a man who did more for music than every record company executive that ever lived and music is the loser today.