Bradley's comments simply "common sense"

Today’s Irish Independent editorial succinctly endorses the recent comments by Denis Bradley – “what he wrote was no more than common sense”.

The editorial put the comments into perspective by reminding us of the scenario Denis Bradley envisaged, and, in doing so, condemns the criticism by the DUP –

“Denis Bradley, vice-chairman of the Policing Board, wrote in a newspaper column about the crisis that will arise if the Irish and British governments and the Northern parties fail to agree in the current series of talks. He has been criticised vehemently by various DUP figures who want him removed from the board.

Mr Bradley is a person who should command respect on all sides. He is a sharp and courageous critic of terrorism. He and his house and family have come under physical attack.”

and “If the parties fail to agree, if the British government cannot reinstate the Northern institutions, a limping form of direct rule will not keep the North stable.”

The Irish Independent points out that Denis Bradley’s reference to “republican areas.. not being policed” is equally applicable to loyalist areas –

“It would be disastrous if the PSNI lost wider nationalist favour, or failed to get control of loyalist ghettoes. Mr Bradley says republican areas are not being policed. That is true of loyalist areas too.”

The editorial ends with a call for an end to the self-indulgent stances of the DUP and SF –

“In any case, the time arrived long ago – when they [the DUP and SF] became the two dominant [parties] – for a deal. Little stands in the way of it but self-indulgence. Let them show a little good will and good faith.”

  • The Renegade

    Whether there is political agreement or not, the governments must
    nail the lie that Patten is not being faithfully implemented, and name Sinn
    Fein as a problem party on policing.

    If this does not happen, an environment will continue whereby republicans,
    Sinn Fein by way of words and dissidents by way of actions, will still seek
    damage to that part of agreement politics that has worked best: the PSNI,
    Policing Board, the Police Ombudsman and DPPs.

    This is too big a cost after
    the ‘massive change and wonderful work’ of the last three years.

  • ulsterman

    Firstly I dont really care who polices Republican areas. The people in those area are scum and deserve all the crime they get.

    Secondly for there to be any meaningful talk of government between Ulsters new leadership and the leaders of the nationalists, ie SF MURDERING FILTH, the IRA must publicly disband in all its acticities, murder, money laundering,racketeering.extortion and punishment beatings etc.

    For a period of one year the DUP will monitor the activities of the IRA/SF MURDERING SCUM and then and only then will the DUP, the new masters of Ulster possibly talk to SF FILTH about anything.

    We are on the march to victory.
    With heads held high a million loyal Ulstermen march forward.
    To the victor the spoils,
    Rejoice fellow Ulstermen our Protestant Nation is about to be born.
    The Pope, Republicanism and Dublin were all defeated.

    God Save The Queen.

  • The Renegade

    I think Ulsterman’s comments wholly justify Mark Durkan’s position on DUP plans for ‘power-sharing’- i.e. that they are false.

    Castlereagh, Lisburn, Ballymena, Coleraine…