Responding to hostage taking…

Frank McGahon’s been hooked into foreign affairs for some time now. This blog piece on the Irish born hostage Margaret Hassan is well worth following.

  • maca
  • peteb

    That’s a free registration for the Irish examiner, I think maca.. but I don’t agree with the report.. Margaret Hassan’s best hope for release is her Iraqi citizenship.. that’s why her husband has been putting that information at the forefront of all his interviews.

  • Frank McGahon

    Thanks for the link Mick!

    I’d say Margaret Hassan’s best hopes for release is to not have been kidnapped by people similar to those who beheaded Ken Bigley. There is some hope that this is the case given that she appears in the video unveiled and alone against a white backdrop. If she appears in the dreaded orange jumpsuit surrounded by masked gunmen…

    Failing that, a rescue attempt may succeed as it apparently nearly did in Bigley’s case. But if any of her abductors’ demands are met you can be sure of one thing: many more hostages will be taken.

  • maca

    You’re right Pete, I should have written “registration” rather than “subscription”.

  • peteb

    It was only a minor quibble, maca… but, after all, it’s not the Irish Times ;o)

  • smcgiff

    Could someone tell me if there

  • Davros

    smcgiff, it may look as if they are being singled out, but in fairness I think it’s more likely a reflection of the willingness of people from this neck of the woods to try and help in other parts of the world.