Disappeared: an issue that won't go away…

Professor Liam Kennedy in yesterday’s Sunday Independent notes a rise in the numbers of Loyalist punishment beatings of teenagers and a halving of Republican attacks on the same age groups. He notes a correlation in a drop in the more brutal attacks and the work of the IMC. But Suzanne Breen examines the more extreme cases of the disappeared from the height of the Troubles.

  • aquifer

    No support network, few international legal or media friends, not even a funeral never mind a grand deathfest. Until IRA Sinn Fein treat all victims with respect they should not be trusted with power over us. It is clear that they still remain capable of using human lifes as post it notes for their jaded political scratchings. Are you content to be spied upon by acting IRA intelligence officers? If not, don’t elect them.

  • D’Oracle

    Professor Kennedys Sindo job is at imminent risk unless he does a quick recount to reveal that he got his loyalist and republical chickens inverted.

    Could be it was just a typing error !