Bradley: nationalists taking policing strain

Denis Bradley has suggested that Nationalists that have previously made the required leap of faith and public supported the policing boards, may have to reconsider. In the face of the pro-longed political stalemate, they are amongst those groups who are facing the greatest political strain, as the Republican areas they often spring from are not being policed properly.

  • willowfield

    If I am interpreting Mr Bradley’s comments correctly, it seems that he is advocating capitulation to nationalist dissidents. That is incredible.

  • Mick Fealty


    He’s also saying that this particular group is heavy lifting whilst others (SF and the DUP?)take their own time in arriving at a workable solution that will finally enable them to be seen to do their jobs in the eyes of their own constituency.

  • willowfield

    Where is that quotation from, Mick, and what particular group is he referring to?

    Does he mean that pro-policing nationalists are heavy lifting? If so, he is correct, but he is surely wrong to say that the answer is to capitulate to anti-policing nationalists?

  • Alan

    Or perhaps it’s to do with warning people off – see

    Perhaps SF now need policing more than previously?

  • Liam

    Well of course SF need policing….everybody needs policing!

    The fact is that republican communities need proper policing more than any other – because they have not had it!

    For once, Bradley is recognising that this vacuum is ridiculous and the present make-up of the policing boards cannot deliver the necessary changes.

  • willowfield

    Then the Provos should have taken their seats on the Policing Board.

  • The Renegade

    Perhaps SF will now realise that abstaining from the policing board is merely playing into the hands of their dissident counterparts.

    If they are truly serious about bringing an end to terrorist activity (and the gangsterism and lawlessness that accompanies it) then they must join the policing board.

    Unless they’re afraid it’ll bring an end to hijacking cigarette lorries…

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    If that idiot Mandelson had not interferred with his Policing Bill at the behest of serial loser Ulster Unionist leader Trimble, the debate over policing would be over.

  • Henry94

    “If a police officer was killed somewhere within the next couple of months – within that vacuum – I think that policing could be set back for a long period of time,” he said.

    That is a disastrous thing to say. It not only invites the dissidents to kill a cop it gives them reason to believe it would have a political impact. I’m sure that’s not what he intended but that’s the way it reads. He needs to backtrack on it fast or anything that does happen will be blamed on him.

  • ShayPaul

    I agree Henry, Bradley is probably expressing such an opinion in good will, but it is really dangerous stuff.

    I only pray that your interpretation is not justified.

    Let it rest at that.

  • willowfield

    Agree with Henry94.

    I think Bradley has to go. These comments are totally irresponsible and inappropriate.

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    Bradley has a view of himself that puts him central to the argument here. He is encouraged in that misguided belief by elements of the media.

    He is simply a paid official employed at the behest of the NIO. But through ego has developed a grandiose personna that is spiralling out of control.

  • J Kelly

    But through ego has developed a grandiose personna that is spiralling out of control.

    I agree entirely Pat. We should remember were he came from he used to be a priest and is used to preaching at people and if you ask any one who knows him they will tell you he is never wrong. According to Denis.

    Denis Bradley is so obsessed with his own self importance its hard to believe. I wonder was he speaking for the SDLP or for himself when he spoke of nationalist resiging.