'Two faced Mary Lou'

Emer O’Kelly is forthright in her criticism of Mary Lou McDonald. Contrasting the condemnation of the Italian MEP Rocco Buttiglione’s nomination as European Commissioner for Justice and Home Affairs with the duality of visage exhibited in the SF MEP’s own commitment to civil liberties, Emer O’Kelly points out that “In terms of his beliefs, Mr Buttiglione is my ideological enemy. I know that because he is an honourable man who tells the truth”…. unlike some.

  • Henry94

    Again the Sindo gets its facts wrong. Never mind O’Kelly’s reference to “Catholic drinking clubs”. We can accept her need to give offence.

    But she claims that the IRA has never issued an apology other to describe their actions as “regrettable neccessity”. The quotation marks are hers but if you read the actual IRA apology the phrase used does not appear at all. The making up of quotes by the Sindo is now completely out of hand.

    She goes on to describe Mr Buttigloine as an honourable man who tells the truth. She feels free to set standards but does she feel the need to live up to them or is making up quotes not considered a failure to tell the truth.

  • Mark McGregor

    Mary Lou scares the feck out of her.


  • peteb


    Perhaps you could elaborate on where the ball is in your comment?


    While “regrettable necessity” may not be a direct quote from an IRA statement, it can hardly be described as a wilful misrepresentation of the IRA’s position in regard to their actions.

  • Henry94


    it can hardly be described as a wilful misrepresentation

    One person’s wilful misrepresentation can be another person’s fair comment.

    But if you are using quotation marks you are claiming to be using an exact quote.

  • willowfield

    But if you are using quotation marks you are claiming to be using an exact quote.

    Not necessarily. You can be paraphrasing. (Although you do need to be careful.)

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    Sindo attacks SF, dog bites man zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  • Henry94


    There is no wiggle room on the subject of quotation marks in either the academic world or journalism. Paraphrasing should never be enclosed in quotation marks.

    The standards governing quotations are set out in the stylebooks of leading publications.

    “When we put a source’s words inside quotation marks, those exact words should have been uttered in precisely that form” and “A paraphrase should not be treated as a quotation.”

    — Washington Post

    “Readers should be able to assume that every word between quotations marks is what the speaker or writer said.”

    — The New York Times

    “Direct quotations must reproduce exactly not only the wording but the spelling, capitalization, and the punctuation of the original.”

    — Chicago Manual of Style

    “Do not change words in quotation marks. Those quote marks tell the reader, ‘This is exactly what was said.’ “

    — The Associated Press Stylebook

  • willowfield

    Thanks, Henry.

    I withdraw my earlier comment.

  • Henry94

    Now I know how Man Utd felt yesterday.

  • Davros

    Nope Henry – you played fair for the result 😉

  • D’Oracle

    Mary Lou evidently does not play hurling ; the Sindo sports page hasnt had a go at her yet!

  • Davros

    Did Eoghan Harris go too far when he described her as the “fragrant flower that grows on top of the dungheap”. ?

  • Henry94

    I think Harris appeared quite smitten on Q&A. Mary Lou gets better and better. I hope she comes back and runs for the Dail.

  • Davros

    Henry,sweet though she is, she’ll never replace Bairbre in my affections.

  • Christopher Stalford

    First Liam Kennedy, now Emer O’Kelly – attacking the messenger rather than the message is clearly something of a standard SF/IRA tactic.