I Wish I Was In England..

Singer Christy Moore and his driver were detained for several hours at Holyhead under the Prevention of Terrorism Act 2002.

Moore was questioned about lyrics in his songs. It seems that the someone had been listening to “The Crack Was 90 In the Isle of Man” and came to the wrong conclusion.

Blogged by ShayPaul

  • ShayPaul

    Just wondering which set of lyrics annoyed the SB man in holyhead ?

  • Jonathan McCullough

    When one looks at the lyrics of Christy Moore’s songs it is no wonder he was questioned. The role of Special Branch is to work against any person whose actions could be considered subversive to the state. Anyone supporting terrorist activity should be stopped and detained and my own view is that they should be denied entry to the United Kingdom.

  • ShayPaul

    So you are a free speech fanatic ?

  • Keith M

    As a music lover I can only hope that they detain Moore permanently lest we have to endure another meisterwerk of the “quality” of to “Lisdoonvarna” or “Don’t Forget Your Shovel”.

  • Davros

    Slightly harsh Keith, but he does have a whiff of paddywhackery in his music. A good entertainer, but to my mind not in the same league as Paul Brady.

  • maca

    Christy has a few good tunes, Voyage or Ordinary Man, for example. I wouldn’t be a fan but I think he’s a lot better than some of the crap out nowadays.

  • willowfield

    Is Christy Moore one of these tearful-eyed rebel-songsters, or is he just a crap folk singer?

  • Panda

    I think the real reason for Mr Moore’s detention may be more mundane.
    Have you seen the gear he normally wears?
    quite rightly the Holyhead Fashion Police have taken the decision that he could not be allowed to pollute the minds of the British youf with his black donkey jackets and builder’s jeans.
    You are all on warning:in future the English nation will accept only Irishmen dressed in the best that TOPMAN can offer.
    yours in Armani,
    The Best Dressed Panda in the Zoo

  • maca

    “Is Christy Moore one of these tearful-eyed rebel-songsters”


    “or is he just a crap folk singer?”


  • maca

    p.s. Willow, are you actually serious? Are you going to tell us you’re not familiar with Christy Moore?

  • D’Oracle

    ..and the only funny bit about this episode was the day after the Sindo had a multipage pullout supplement trying to encourage Irish people to submit themselves to the delights of visiting beautiful Wales !