What has the DUP has ever done for us?

Hearts and Minds. Mark Durkan wants things up front and clear from the DUP on whether it really wants power sharing, and cites Castlereagh, Lisburn, Ballymena and Coleraine as evidene of his rival evidential reluctance to share power in practice. Nigell Dodds, responds with Newry and Mourne, Down, Armagh as situations where the DUP is permanently out of the loop. Interesting if necessarily reductive discussion in advance of a comprehensive settlement.

  • Davros

    I thought it was a good and interesting program Mick. Nigel just got his dig in about the SDLP trying to out-SF Sinn F

  • David Vance

    That’s no lady – it’s the excellent Melanie Phillips – my spiritual representive on QT (UNTIL they decide to have the real thing)

  • Davros

    LOL — I might have guessed she would get the DV seal of approval!

  • James

    “I was impressed with the American pundit.”

    Ray O’Hanlon is the Sr. Editor of the Irish Echo. He’s always seemed to be OK to me even if he does live on the wrong coast. You might recall that he works for some guys that could use a spine transplant.

  • Davros

    That is one heck of an article James.

  • Butterknife

    Putting Sinn Fein to one side have you seen what Mrs and Mr Robinson claims!!!
    Now we now why they worked the system of the Stormont Executive while Robinson and Cambell rotated seats as Minister – a role that is now responsible for the water rates!!!

  • Butterknife

    Check on page 13 and the Robinson mafia.

  • PS

    Comparing Newry and Mourne council and Lisburn council is an excellent way of distinguishing between Nationalist dominated councils and some Unionist dominated councils, despite what Mr Dodds might try to purport.

  • Davros

    Can you explain please ?

  • PS

    Unionist and non nationalist mayors are a common feature of politics within Newry and Mourne, despite it’s party make (huge Nationalist majority), compare this with Lisburn.

  • cg

    Patrick’s comments are spot on.

    Coming from Newry and Mourne there has always been a policy of rotation and powersharing. This ensures Unionist positions within the council far outweigh their representation.

    If only this kind of responsible attitude was in place in other councils (i.e Lisburn)

  • Davros

    Patrick, asking for info- not arguing Nigel Dodd’s corner. I read him as saying that the DUP specifically had been discriminated against in the various councils he named.
    Have the DUP held office , or as he claims, have the DUP specifically been excluded ?

  • ulsterman

    Well Seamus Close of Alliance was made Mayor a few years ago and what did this Catholic do. He brought a Priest into say prayers to the council before the meetings. What an insult do those brave men and women that have died at the hands of the IRA and the Pope.

    Once bitten,twice shy as they say,

    God Save The Queen.

  • Davros


  • Butterknife

    Ulsterman several catholics were the first ones shot by the IRA etc. King Billy was blessed by the Pope and had many a catholic in his army to fight of King James. So take the blinkers of your eyes, you will see history is more than just orange and green.

  • The Renegade

    Contrary to what Dodds may claim, the current Mayor of Newry is unionist (albeit UUP to Dodds’ disappointment.) His comeback to Durkan’s valid exposure of DUP dictatorships in Lisburn etc. is wholly unfounded. Instead of making up lies about nationalist run councils, tis about time he pulled his buddies into line and forced them to accept nationalists into posts in councils the DUP control.

  • Davros

    Renegade – I read what Dodds said rather differently. He was focussing on the exclusion of the DUP rather than Unionists in general. The beef over councils seems to be with neither SF nor DUP getting fair treatment in Councils which I would suggest is because of the attitudes they take.
    Most DUP Cllrs are totally negative and combative
    SOME SF Cllrs are totally negative and combative
    And being diplomatic, it’s noticeable that Alex Maskey and Gearoid O hEara have been elected as Mayor and Cllr Butler has not.

  • yer_man

    “His comeback to Durkan’s valid exposure of DUP dictatorships in Lisburn etc. is wholly unfounded”

    How on earth is there a DUP dictatorship on Lisburn ‘City’ Council? The 2001 election results returned 13 UUP councillors to the DUP’s 5. There probably has been a couple of defections to the DUP with the movement of Donaldson, but that still would only leave it 11-7 or something of that level (until the next election comes around when no doubt there will be gains). I have to say though – fair play to the DUP if they can manage to run a dictatorship within Lisburn council with less than one third of the seats!