Intellectual timidity of the Right…

Andrew Sullivan, who backed Bush in 2000, slams him in 2004:

“He hasn’t only been a reckless spender and borrower, he has moved the GOP into the permanent position of the spend-and-borrow party. On domestic issues, he has simply failed to live up to his promise to be a moderate or a uniter”.

  • James

    And he also got a nastygram from the master of the Dark Side, Pat Buchanan.

    As it stands, the polls have been running as a plus or minus one percent sawtooth usually favoring Bush. Get ready for four more years. And yet Sluggiepoos, is all indeed lost?

    Moving over to my favorite spot on the grassy knoll, I’ll recount a conversation I had with an editor of Beantown’s favorite paper at McDermot’s last month. He predicted that the Red Sox were going to win the World Series (last win was 1918, the year before the Black Sox scandal) AND that Kerry was going to win the presidency.

    You know that my money has all along been on Bush even if I wouldn’t vote for the wiener. I also avoid Americans like the plague when I’m in Ireland because so many of them are either of the Reagan Democrat conservative variety or, worse yet, blue dog Democrats. Anyway, I was astounded to see that both of the two other Irish-American couples at the table not only wanted Bush impeached and removed from office by the Senate but they volunteered to buy the rope once we defrock him and give him the best damned trial that money can buy.

    Then last night the Red Sox beat the Yankees and are on the way to the Series.

    Mulder and Scully are on the way.

  • David Vance

    Perhaps “The intellectual timidity of Andrew Sullivan” would have made a better title for this thread. Like some others, Sullivan is living in September 10th land. This election is ALL about who can defend the US against the Jihadi. And whilst Kedwards has “a plan” I think even liberals have a sinking feeling that there man is going to lose, and that as James – that died in the pinko wool liberal puts it – four more years of Bush, and Rumsfled, and the gang. Great news for those who value liberty around the world – sad news for hate-fueled leftists and disorientated commentators like Andrew Sullivan.

  • Mick Fealty

    David, Iraq is only one plank of Bush policy. Spend and borrow is a powerful charge for a Conservative president. How plead you on his behalf?

  • davidbrew

    intellectual timidity? Hasn’t he been to lately? Mr Sullivan has gone a bit awol from the vast right wing conspricay lately, but this can’t be excused.Let’s hope he’s not doing a Hillary-from Goldwater Girl to liberal pin-up The Right’s where it’s happening , and even the unlikely election of Kerry won’t change that.
    I liked the comment this a.m. on GMU that Bush in the debates was like a cow watching a train go by, and Keffy like a dog knowing it’s about to have a bath.

  • Davros
  • James

    “died in the pinko wool liberal”

    1. That’s red, white and blue, not pink.
    2. I ain’t no sheep man either, so keep your female consorts out of it.
    3. Mr. Remmington had 870 reasons why I ain’t no liberal.

  • Gerry O’Sullivan

    New Voting Technology in Florida (QuickTime movie file)

  • Henry94

    Q. What’s the difference between Iraq and Vietnam?

    A. Bush hasd a plan to get out of Vietnam.

  • David Vance

    What’s the difference beween Vietnam and Iraq?

    Answer: Back in Vietnam, liberals self-haters and their media pals prevailed, this time, liberal’s are not listened to. Thankfully.

  • ShayPaul

    Thanks for that Gerry

  • willowfield

    Back in Vietnam, liberals self-haters and their media pals prevailed, this time, liberal’s are not listened to. Thankfully.

    Appalling punctuation, David.

    Interesting revelation that you were pro-Vietnam War, though!