When East meets West…

DID anyone hear former District Policing Partnership member and Ulster Unionist MLA Michael Copeland on BBC Newsline? After a PSNI raid to seize counterfeit goods in East Belfast, he accused the police of being heavy-handed. NEVER have I heard anyone in the UUP sound so like a member of Sinn Fein after any raid in the West of the city. DUP councillor Harry Toan minimised the impact of the alleged crime too (click ‘More’). What fantastic leadership!

Copeland said: “We had a shooting incident around the corner here, where five officers were available to attend.

“This morning we have a sizeable number of officers – I have been led to believe that it could be as many as 50 officers involved in this operation for fake CDs.

“It does strike me that the law is being applied selectively.”

The DUP’s Harry Toan agreed: “The police have to be supported in doing their duty.

“But to bring so many police in for what is a relatively small amount of money and criminality – if that is the case.

“If it was a murder, there would be less police here.”

So remember kids, next time you think about copying a CD, remember the unionist message: “Get your CDs here! Five for a pound!”

  • Keith M

    I’m sorry Gonzo, but I must have missed the clause in the Patten report that said the police shall be treated as sacred cows and must never get any criticism from politicans who represent the public. If the biggest problem in N.I. is a few fake CDs then times certainly have changed (and I’s say the same no matter where the police raid took place).

  • David Vance

    I am delighted that the seeminglye useless PSNI has managed to crack down on the hoods involved. It is overdue and must be welcomed as good news!Seizing counterfeit goods is a very constructive way of reducing the illicit income of the paramilitary mafiosa.

    Copeland is a typical Ulster Unionist – he appears to carry secret respect for “our” terrorists. But who can blame him – after all, Trimble only got to be First Minister care of the PUP/UVF votes – and I don’t recall too many on Slugger getting too upset about THAT.

    So, Belfast Gonzo, let us all be careful about selective condemnation. You don’t want to end up like Copeland!!

  • Belfast Gonzo

    A “few fake CDs” worth several hundreds of thousands of pounds (allegedly)? I wonder whose pockets that tidy sum is lining.

    And I thought unionists cared about the law and combating organised crime…

    Must be only when ‘themmuns’ are at it, eh? Nutts Corner, Jonesboro… but NOT East Belfast?

  • Belfast Gonzo


    I think we are becoming experts in poking holes in each other’s posts…

    Sad – but sure it keeps us out of trouble.

  • David Vance

    You’re right! – but I didn’t mean to detract from the substance of your initial post. Copeland and co are two-faced hypocrites and you were pot on to point out their inconsistency.

  • pieman

    Having watched the footage online I have to say I agree with the point Michael Copeland is making. 50 officers attend to arrest a 16 year old girl in east belfast, only 5 attend to investigate a murder. Is there moral equivalence in these crimes? certainly not.

    Whilst counterfeit products should be removed and cash stopped from going to terrorists it does seem that the police have got their priorities just a tad askew. It would seem more right and proper to prioritise full investigation of murder before counterfeit cds. Copeland is making the very valid point that perhaps police priorities should be examined. I think a fairly valid point all in all

  • aquifer

    Nice job PSNI. Less dough, less hoods, less extortion, fewer bricked up businesses on Prod streets, fewer young lives wasted on tax-free careers for zeros.

  • willowfield

    Good to see the police cracking down on these sort of crimes which, doubtless, are organized by paramilitaries.