SDLP still seeks "full implementation of the Agreement"

In the Belfast Telegraph, Mark Durkan dampens hopes of an outbreak of pragmatic, rather than optimistic, politics here by calling the speculation that “the SDLP has decided on an opposition role in a restored Assembly” ‘misplaced’. The key words here may be “has decided” – that decision having not yet been taken. But the missing acknowledgement would seem to be that other parties are clearly putting party-political objectives to the fore.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    It looks like the SDLP were just bluffing about opposition. I think we can assume the same about the UUP – a Leeds Castle scare tactic to put the frighteners on the DUP about serving in the Executive alone with SF.

  • Keith M

    For 5 years the SDLP have whinged and moaned about the DUP taking ministries while not agreeing with the Belfast Agreement. If a new deal is cut between the government the DUP and SF, you can bet the SDLP will exactly the same as the DUP did in 1998. Does anyone really see the SDLP handing over executive seats to the UUP and SF?

  • peteb

    That’s certainly possible, Gonzo, but it’s still no more than a holding statement until a ‘deal’ is produced.. that’s why the “has decided” is important to note.