Ceasefire censorship…

DAVY Adams , the former UDP politician, recently broke his silence over the intimidation he and his family have been subjected to by the UDA over the past 18 months. After the murder of Marty O’Hagan and by the LVF the bullying of Anthony McIntyre by ‘mainstream’ republicans, it would seem that paramilitaries are not always going to take criticism from journalists lying down.

  • Nathan

    I for one will be sparing a sympathetic thought today for Marty O’Hagan’s widow Marie and his daughters, Martina, Ciara and Niamh.

    May I also take this opportunity to also unashamedly urge his colleagues in the media to use their soapboxes more frequently to keep Marty’s memory alive.

    You know that Northern Ireland’s political layabouts do not give a damn. You know that apart from Brid Rodgers, neither the outcoming or incoming leader of the SDLP made it their business to pay their respects at his funeral. To be fair to Trimble, he visited the family home to pay his respects although it was disappointing at the time that he didn’t attend the funeral.

    So please, I urge you all to give sufficient expression of your anger once again in the many column inches that you have available.

    When all is said and done, who will demand justice for your colleague and guarantee future security for Davy Adams and other journalists if you don’t call out the loudest yourselves?

    In doing so, you may, just may, play a key part in nurturing a climate which ensures that never again will any terrorist, no matter what community they claim to represent, have the audacity to silence the truth with the sound of gun fire.