A nod and wink is not accountable democracy

In the Irish Times, Fintan O’Toole dissects the hypocrisy of the IRA’s private, and secretive, ‘investigation’ into their murder of 15-year-old Bernard Teggart 30 years ago. He contrasts Sinn Fein’s calls for public inquiries on other murders with their silence on this and concludes that, despite the spinning by the two Aherns, “The sickness that allowed the IRA to murder a mentally handicapped child in the name of Irish freedom won’t be cured until the so-called republican movement is willing to confront, in an open and democratic way, the crimes it committed. Until that happens, Sinn F

  • willowfield

    A good article that doesn’t flinch from exposing the sickness of Provisional republicanism.

  • aquifer

    I believe that the first thing that was imprinted on Sinn Fein volunteers was the rightness of their cause. History owed them, and anger and revolutionary dialectics then kept the accounts, possibly still does. To imagine that one or more life counts in this reckoning is fanciful, delusional. Accepting their vote as legitimation could prove terminal.

  • willowfield

    The worrying thing is that they still think they were and are right. They might be prepared – 3o years on – to apologise for murdering children with learning disability – but they still believe it was right to murder certain classes of adults.

    Shame on them.