Former ambassador has Egan his face…

THE rather less than impressive former U.S. Ambassador to Ireland, Richard Egan, has warned Irish America magazine that they had better

  • David Vance

    Well said Egan! It’s high time the lippy Irish kept their noses OUT of other countries affairs –
    starting with Northern Ireland.

  • maca

    “It’s high time the lippy Irish kept their noses OUT of other countries affairs”

    Funny that a British person would say such a thing considering.

  • Davros

    David : Your favourite paper, The Grauniad, Has an amusing collection of replies from Americans outraged at British Interference in Their affairs.
    Rude Words

  • Gerry O’Sullivan

    David Vance

    It’s high time the lippy Irish kept their noses OUT of other countries affairs –

    Of course A Tangled Web sticks to Northern Ireland affairs, doesn’t it? Never any mention of the USA or Israel or anywhere else!! ;o)

  • Belfast Gonzo

    I don’t think David thought before he typed there, because there’s no logic in his post.

    He’s defending Egan for criticising those Irish Americans who dared comment on the American election – an internal US matter.

    Egan, on the other hand, was a foreign ambassador who – though far from successful – was employed to stick his nose in our affairs.

    I think the fact that Mr Egan is such a big supporter of Bush has clouded David’s view somewhat…

  • David Vance

    Let’s strip away some Slugger veneer, shall we?

    First,”The rather less than impressive former U.S. Ambassador to Ireland, Richard Egan.”
    – in whose opinion, on what criteria????? A touch judgemental before getting to the story guys?

    Next, is it wrong to criticise the Press? Is Slugger advocating that the Press is above a politician having a go? Surely not?

    Third, A TANGLED WEB is all about opinions – nothing wrong in that. However we don’t TELL people how to vote – we figure they can work it out for themselves.

    Finally, just admit it – Egan is a hate figure because he supports W. And that’s one sin lefties can’t forgive.

  • maca

    Well for me David it’s the “lippy Irish” phrase which caught my attention. It’s an interesting way to refer to the American press.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Perhaps David could enlighten us as to what distinguished Mr Egan’s sojourn in Ireland?

    Perhaps he could explain the contradiction between himself criticising US papers for commenting on a US election that has nothing to do with NOrthern Ireland, and defending Mr Egan’s ‘foreign interference in Northern Ireland’s affairs’, as he might put it.

    One might have expected one political commentator to congratulate another for standing up for free speech and against unwarranted political intereference.

    A Tangled Web might not tell people who to vote for, but Mr Egan has no such difficulty, it would seem.

    Your argument is full of holes David.

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    One wonders what Mr Egan was expecting when he became ambassador to Ireland. One would expect this place to be sleepy and pretty boring given its size and relative influence.

    He should have given bigger contributions to the Bush campaign and he could have been given Paris, Moscow or Beijing, even to the Court of St James of our closest friends and neighbour. Or perhaps those posts are set aside for real professionals well schooled in the art of diplomatic language.

  • Gerry O’Sullivan


    The readership of “Irish America” magazine (and The Irish Echo) reside and vote in America. So it is not inapproriate for these publications to comment about the various merits and limitations of the candidates in the US elections.

    Would you have the same attitude if a political associate of John Kerry warned Israeli-American publications to “think twice” before commenting on the US election?

  • Davros

    Just noticed – That’s appalling wordplay Gonzo !

  • Emily

    Mr. Egan does not appear to be a man who thinks twice before he speaks. Ironic that he would be giving advice to others on this matter. If an Irish AMERICAN publication wants to endorse Mickey Effing Mouse for President, that’s their perogative. What a tool.

  • Davros

    Emily, tis rare we see you get hot under the collar!
    But good to see you – Slugger needs a better gender balance.

  • Davros


  • Fraggle

    interesting that the theme of bad teeth seems to run through that series of american replies to the guardian.

    Vance, admit that you were wrong with your first comment please. Egan was critisising irish AMERICANS and as emily says, they can support whoever they like in the US election.

  • David Vance

    Egan seems to be as highly intelligent man. After all, unlike some of the contributors on Slugger, he sees that Al Qu’eda and the IRA have plenty in common. A lack of interest in the sanctity of human life seems the obvious one…. Might it be this which enrages Republicans – and which makes Egan “less than impressive”?

    Moving on to the notion that Egan told Irish-Americans in America to “think twice” before commenting on the US election – can I see the direct quote please? It’s just that it’s not in the link provided – and since this is at the centre of debate let’ see it – or withdraw the thread?

    Peace love and understanding..

  • Gerry O’Sullivan

    David Vance

    It was reported by Conor O’Clery in The Irish Times

    I know it ain’t your chosen fount of wisdom (Fox News), but it’s good enough for most of us :o)

  • James

    Egan’s a sparkie that made it big during the boom that went on along Rte. 128 in the ’70’s. He made his bones as a Bush fundraiser and got his true reward in soggy Dublin. He could probably really bend your ear about the good old pre Winchester days when disk packs were the size of dishwashers but he never had a clue of what Ireland was about. He didn’t have to since Haas did all the heavy lifting. So what else is new?

    Egan is just another powerful man who believes that his position in the business world requires him to be taken seriously even when he’s spewing drivel. Shockley was another of these a little closer to home to us in the valley. I don’t see much of a story here about poor old Egan other than to feel sympathetic for the poor sods who have to put up with him in the appointive office he will get after the Bush victory.

    The story here is that the protochuckies at the Irish Voice are defending the Lace Curtain crowd over at the Echo.

    The other story is the replies to the Guardian thanks to the thread nudge by Brother Dravos. There were Ohio responses, to be sure and quite a few from ‘Merkins. I was saddened to see that two of the three responses from the California Republic were from knuckle-draggers, obviously cretins from SoCal. If I may also assist a little in translation, Harlan is the county seat for Harlan County is big moonshine country and a haven for the scots-irish Presbyterians (who ever so quickly morphed into Baptists) enslaved by Big Coal in the early part of the last century.

    The response I cherish, though, is from the PROUD AMERICAN VOTING FOR BUSH! who succinctly illuminated our dilemma. His
    was a stunning illustration that at least 1 in 6 of us is dumber than dirt.

    The 1812 war was an elective war, like Iraq, in which Congress and the President wanted to right the major undone part of the Revolutionary (Gulf) War and seize Canada (Iraq). It was also a war which divided the executive from significant parts of the country. The Virginian planter president was upset about the impressment of British sailors dodging the Royal Navy by serving in the US merchant marine but the Yankee ship owners whose ships the British fleet was stopping were against the war. Another silly wee wrench in the machinery was that the House didn’t want to fund the war so the British war machine rolled up the Maryland peninsula, much as the US Army did into Baghdad, and burned Washington DC. We had a split decision on the naval war which was mostly frigate encounters. Our only land success came at New Orleans after the peace treaty was signed, beyond that it was a blood bath.

    Now you guys might laugh at that bumkin’s stupidity but this is the flyover America that is enabling F Troop’s new world order.